26% of crypto users in Australia consider buying Christmas gifts using crypto


Crypto has been getting crazy attention these days, and a survey from October is a live example of the same. More than a quarter of crypto investors in Australia plan to use their crypto for Christmas presents this holiday season.


Source: Crypto.com

The crypto wallet and service provider Crypto.com conducted a survey polling 2,020 citizens aged between 18 and 59. The interesting thing that came into the picture is that out of all those who have used crypto over the past year, 26% responded that they would consider using their crypto to buy crypto-related gifts for their loved ones.

Around 53% of those who agreed on buying crypto gifts prefer purchasing crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum for their families and friends this year. On the other hand, 43% of those who are interested in crypto-related gifts plan to buy crypto merchandise like themed hoodies or socks.


Source: Crypto.com

41.8% said that they would prefer buying coin vouchers, and 35.5% are thinking of buying crypto-related books. Over 29% of the crowd is thinking of gifting non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to their loved ones.

General Manager for Asia-Pacific at Asia-Pacific at Crypto.com Karl Mohan said that the citizens are clearly making cryptocurrencies a part of their day-to-day life which hugely impacts the adoption. He added that the Aussies are gradually increasing their crypto and blockchain technology usage.

Australia seeks increased crypto adoption

As TheCoinRise reported in October, Australian lawmakers are continuing to push for crypto adoption in Australia. Out of a total of 2,020 participants, 64.4% are still into using physical gold wallets via cash, credit, or debit cards, whereas 7.5% are willing to use cryptocurrency for purchasing Christmas gifts. This indicates a major increase in crypto adoption in the country.


Source: Crypto.com

Before this, Finder conducted a survey in September where it was revealed that every one in six Australians own cryptocurrencies with total asset value adding up to $8 billion. Nearly 9% of the citizens surveyed own Bitcoins, while 8% are into Ethereum. 

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