4-SOFT: Encryption using proprietary software with blockchain technology


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4-SOFT Introduction

4-SOFT is a company that aims to revolutionize the security and data storage industry based on proprietary design software and blockchain technology

4-Soft was created in 2018 and since then the team of developers has been working on the creation and development of this software Your system (which will be explained later) may be purchased in the form of different packages for both individuals and companies from next year but its pre-sale is already available on the company page.

The 4-Soft’ software bears the same name as the company, and it is a great addition to any business that relies on digital cyber-security

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The pilot project has already been purchased by a multitude of companies in Saudi Arabia, 140 companies which include major institutions such as the Ministry of Health, SFDA and MODON

4-SOFT is also integrated in the startup program and joint collaboration of Google, IBM and Amazon.

This software which the company 4-SOFT presents to us works as follows:

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It is a data and information transfer system with an API structure linked in turn with its own APPLICATION and blockchain. There are three stages in the encryption of this data on:

  • Stage 1: The type of the input is converted to a Y-GEN structure;
  • Stage 2: The new data package is sent to the blockchain storage through APIs;
  • Stage 3: The encrypted data is sent to the recipient.
4 Soft Explained
4 Soft Explained

The data is kept in cold storage, and nobody else can access it besides the persons with the keys.

The simultaneous connection of the people who have the keys is necessary to be able to access the information, which makes it very secure against other types of similar technologies.

By having your data stored into the blockchain, malicious actors would need to own at least 51% of all the inputs existent, something very complicated and too expensive to carry out.

The 4-SOFT’s products and the tokenized shares of the company

The 4-Soft shares with a maximum circulating supply of 375,000 shares cannont be bought on the stock market like other shares, they are bought on Pancakeswap as if they were tokens or cryptocurrencies

The tokenized units or shares have the 4-Stock name, 4-Stocks will be very useful within the 4-Soft system itself like be used for payment on the 4-SOFT platform

4STC Token
4STC Token

As we have mentioned previously, the 4-Soft cybersecurity system may be acquired by both companies and individuals for personal use. The pre-sale of these packages is now available, which will begin to be distributed as of next year

4 Soft Plans
4 Soft Plans


You can visit its website where you will find more detailed information about the company and its products (www.4-soft.com) and if you want to follow in the company’s footsteps, you can keep an eye on their latest news on their social networks: Twitter (@ 4Softcom) and Instagram (4softcom)

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