A Decentralized Approach to Funding and Distributing the Future of Media Creatives (DeMe)

Flickto is slowly but surely refurbishing the way we view media creators and fund creative projects
Flickto is slowly but surely refurbishing the way we view media creators and fund creative projects

When coming up with a crypto project, the first hurdle to jump is having a good flow of funds to help the project grow going forward. There are numerous avenues that a project owner can lean towards to raise these funds such as directly approaching investors, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), grants, funding rounds, among others.

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The second hurdle is having a good flow of ideas as the project grows. Once you launch your project, you have to watch what the rest are doing and come up with unique ideas and strategies that make your project stand out among the rest. The solutions to this include hiring a good marketing agency or joining a crypto community whose values and goals intertwine with yours.

Now imagine having one platform that helps jump these two hurdles and others in just one go. Crypto launchpads provide these features by incubating new projects based on the blockchain and driving their growth.

Explained below are the inner workings of launchpads and examples of the leading crypto incubators we have out there.

Analyzing Crypto Launchpads

A crypto launchpad or incubator gives blockchain-based projects a chance to raise capital while holding early-stage token sales for their investors. This early access is preferred by the serious investors as they get a bargain price before the public launch stage.

Investors prefer projects that are launched through incubators as these platforms offer unmatched security options. The leading launchpad platforms have a rigorous vetting process for new comers and they also have third party agencies that provide a KYC (Know Your Customer) process to verify the details of new users.

BullPerks is a famous decentralized VC and multi-chain crypto launchpad that has made a name in the crypto space as a transparent and community-oriented project. They have a transparent 6-tier system that provides each investor with a fair share of allocations.

On the Binance Smart Chain Network we have the BSCPad, a fully decentralized protocol that helps projects with multiple growth strategies such as fundraising, increased liquidity, and token distribution.

Of all the launchpads out there, there is a newcomer that is set to change the way we look at media incubators and it is on the Cardano public blockchain. Flickto is a Cardano-powered community media incubator that is on track to revamp how media projects are funded. The project’s native token, $FLICK, serves multiple purposes for the incubator. For example, by leveraging the unique capabilities of the Cardano blockchain, the project can come up with reward systems for $FLICK token holders while still raising funds for media projects.

What Makes Flickto Stand Out from Other Incubators?

To start with, Flickto is focused on forging new paths for the creatives out there. We have come to a point in time where content is easily producible but creators find it hard to access funds to help with this venture.

Flickto’s vision is on ridding the media sector of this problem. By utilizing multiple benefits available on the Cardano blockchain, the media incubator can engage the community to sponsor and fund new media projects. By doing so, the millions of artistic creators around the globe can have a reliable funding platform for their next box office sensation or YouTube hit.

This goes to show that Flickto is not only focused on the decentralized communities but also people in the centralized front that have a creative eye that will change the world in one way or another. They have pioneered the concept of decentralized media (DeMe) – they have defined it as: ‘Media corporations should be open source organizations that are owned by stakeholders such as consumers, creators and their intermediaries. DeMe aims to create open-source platforms that give people control over their data, the media projects that are funded and ultimately consumed.’ 

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By having an all-in-one community media incubator, like-minded creatives can have a platform through which they can share ideas and help one another grow. This now goes beyond financing a project and focuses on empowering the creatives to up their game. In a way, Flickto is promoting entrepreneurship by using one media incubator platform to create and extract value. By joining the Flickto community, you come out of the other end as an innovator, a source of new ideas, services, and procedures.

A Community Approach Redefined

Flickto is slowly but surely refurbishing the way we view media creators and fund creative projects. In their own words:

Using a unique combination of tokenization – with the FLICK token – and Cardano staking, Flickto will empower creators globally by financing and nurturing projects that the Flickto community have chosen for investment.

This is the first time in crypto history where the community approach is used as a positive double-edged sword to influence the funding of media projects and get a chance to financially benefit from the successful media initiatives they pick.

With Flickto’s distinctive community approach, your project will easily jump over the two hurdles of funding and getting a good flow of ideas from like-minded creatives.

More on Flickto here: Telegram, Website, Discord, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook

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