A Look into Digital Reserve Currency’s Ecosystem


An exploration into Digital Reserve Currency’s growing ecosystem; in particular the addition of the Digital Reserve, a platform for DRC holders to hedge DRC and gain instant exposure to a basket of Store of Value assets such as Bitcoin, Paxos Gold, and USDC.

Digital Reserve Currency was designed to become a decentralized digital store of value with a limited supply and a zero-inflation rate.  The concept of the Digital Reserve Currency was developed by Maxim Nurov, founder of Digital Finance, Washington, D.C., a financial company that specializes in the digital assets market.

Since its inception in September 2020, DRC has seen steady growth in both holders and market value as users witness the expansion of the DRC ecosystem.  We are going to look at some of the components that make Digital Reserve Currency unique and position it as a potential Digital Store of Value.

The Digital Reserve

The Digital Reserve is an online platform designed for users who wish to experience steadier and more reliable growth of their capital against inflation and a volatile market.  By choosing a well-balanced portfolio of Store of Value assets, users will have a conservative option of preserving the value of their capital.  DRC is looking to help users in developing countries with high inflation and financial instability who are looking to allocate their capital to assets with a strong historical performance.

How does the Digital Reserve work?

How does the Digital Reserve work
How does the Digital Reserve work
  1. User deposits DRC.
  2. Digital Reserve (DR) sells user’s DRC and buys DR assets (BTC, Gold, USD).
  3. User’s swapped assets are stored securely in Digital Reserve vaults.
  4. User redeems DRC deposit.
  5. DR sells respective part of DR assets and buys DRC.
  6. User withdraws DRC.

The DRC website will have a portal where users can deposit their DRC to instantly back it with the respective share of the Digital Reserve. Holding one’s DRC as a deposit in the Digital Reserve may give additional earnings to users if the Digital Reserve’s curated asset basket value appreciates over time. This may also trigger the increasing demand for DRC which will simultaneously decrease its total circulating supply.

Why Use the Digital Reserve?

The Digital Reserve aims to bring several benefits to DRC holders.  Meant to serve as a means of diversification, the Digital Reserve will allow users to instantly deposit and withdraw their DRC, keep track of their portfolio on the DRC website, and have multiple risk options for their portfolio whilst offering additional benefits such as portfolio rebalancing to ensure users their portfolio is best optimized for the current market conditions.  The first SoV assets being added to the Digital Reserve are Bitcoin, Paxos Gold, and USDC.  With the first iteration of the Digital Reserve set to be released in Q1 of 2021, additional portfolios and assets will be added in the future as the DRC ecosystem continues to grow.

The DRC Foundation

The DRC Foundation was created to establish a community-driven governance of the DRC ecosystem.  Five Representatives are chosen by DRC holders on a quarterly basis for three-month terms.  These Representatives assist in the overall outreach and developmental efforts of the DRC ecosystem.  DRC holders can also submit proposals for the DRC ecosystem development and then vote on these proposals to help advancing DRC.  The DRC Foundation Fund was established to support the development of the DRC ecosystem. All the received contributions are held in the secure multisig wallet and used for the purposes of supporting the DRC ecosystem growth. DRC NFTs


Another part of DRC’s ecosystem is their GEN00NFT.  With only 100 created, these NFTs help fund the DRC ecosystem growth and development while giving users access to additional benefits such as participation in the Digital Reserve beta and access to a separate Telegram room exclusively for recognized DRC contributors. 

Digital Reserve Currency is currently expanding its ecosystem at an impressive pace and Q1 of 2021 has a lot in store for DRC’s growth.  Join the conversation about DRC and stay up to date on their Digital Reserve in their official Telegram.

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