Algorand partners with PlanetWatch to monitor air quality in Miami

Algorand may have just entered into a partnership with French environmental technology firm PlanetWatch, as Miami looks set to become one of the first major cities in the United States to start monitoring its air quality.

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Algorand and PlanetWatch to deploy air quality sensors all over the city of Miami

Having received funding from the $10 million PLANETS fund that was raised by Borderless Capital, PlanetWatch has now created 5 air quality sensor types, which would be distributed all over Miami, including the private residences of people.

Now each one of those sensors will be able to detect the amount of air pollution within any given area. However, that’s not all. All sensors will then be combined into a single network in a way that can help authorities and even residents to determine the areas with constantly high pollution levels. But, here’s where Algorand comes in. The Algorand blockchain will be used in storing every single piece of data collected by these sensors, thus making it safe, secured, and permanent.

A green environment is the goal for Miami

Speaking on this project at the Decipher event that was held in Miami on November 29, the well-known crypto-friendly Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez says the project is in line with the city’s efforts towards a green environment. Truly, this is not the first time of seeing major partnerships that are geered towards a more climate-friendly outcome. As we’ve seen in the past with Ripple partnering with Palau for an eco-friendly national digital currency, and also with Ripple yet again, collaborating with Nenet. All those partnerships have one thing in common, and it’s a safer environment.

Meanwhile, Suarez also shared the city’s plans to become a major digital capital markets hub. The crypto Mayor is reputed for his bitcoin advocacy, most especially with his recent introduction of Bitcoin dividends payments to citizens of  Miami.

Meanwhile, residents who have agreed to have one of the sensors being run in their homes, have also been promised a reward of Planet Tokens (Planets). Planets, of course, can be swapped for fiat in the open market or for PlanetWatch’s Earth Credit — a non-exchangeable token the firm uses as its internal currency to buy and sell its products and services.

Algorand is a zero-carbon blockchain that recently gained $1.5 billion in funding from Wall Street veteran Matt Zhang.

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