All Sails Up in 1xBit “Freebooter Treasure” Tournament

All Sails Up in 1xBit Freebooter Treasure Tournament
All Sails Up in 1xBit Freebooter Treasure Tournament

The word going around says there is a 1500 mBTC treasure out there waiting for the bravest of captains to find it in a glorious tournament called “Freebooter Treasure”, hosted by 1xBit.

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Put on your captain hat, pick up your compass and spyglass, and commandeer a ship to become the greatest captain the crypto sea has ever seen. You won’t have to raid, pillage, or plunder but to answer the interactive quizzes and accomplish the daily challenges for gold and victory. 

Sign up for a new account or sign in your existing 1xBit account, then click on the cells of the map to explore the horizon and accomplish the trials you have been assigned.

Start as a Novice Sailor, fill up your treasure chest with points rewarded by the tasks you complete, and see your rank increase. As your rank increases, you will eventually see yourself becoming a Master Captain.

When navigating from cell to cell on the map, every day, you may find yourself thinking of taking a day off. But do not worry. Your ship won’t sink at all. Even when you miss a daily task you still have a chance to get to the big treasure. 

Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate. So, either you’re a Novice Sailor or a Master Captain 1xBit will give away free spins to help you fill your treasure chest.

The race starts on 1st day of every month and you can join in at any time. But if you’re waiting for the opportune moment, that was it. Keep in mind the time is short and the race ends at the end of the month. And only the bravest 15 Master Captains will reach the great treasure.

The first will get 500 mBTC.

The second will get 300 mBTC

And the third will get 200 mBTC.

Explore the crypto sea in an adventure of a lifetime, with free Bitcoins, quizzes, and spins – all in one place at 1xBit!

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🔥Reach more than 5 000 000 real investors via Twitter influencer marketing! 🔥