Amber Group’s co-founder Tiantian Kullander Dies at 30

Tiantian Kullander, the co-founder of leading digital asset company Amber Group has died leaving behind his wife and son. According to the announcement shared on the platform’s website on Friday, Tiantian, fondly known as “TT” aged 30, died unexpectedly in his sleep.

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Amber Group in its official statement affirmed that Tiantian devoted his life to the firm; he was instrumental to every stage of the platform’s growth with his exemplary leadership style, humility, creativity, and diligence.

With the aim of exploring machine learning for trading, Tiantian together with four other traders helped establish Amber Group in 2017. The platform which began as a side project is now valued at $3 billion. Headquartered in Singapore, Amber Group operates round the clock and around the globe.

Before co-founding Amber Group, Tiaintian worked on the trading floor of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley where he gained experience as a trader.

Aside from his role at Amber Group, Tiantian was on the board of Fnatic, one of the oldest esports organizations in Europe. He also founded KeeperDAO, a decentralized platform that provides users with an efficient mechanism for large-scale arbitrage and liquidation trades in all DeFi protocols. 

Also, in 2019 the entrepreneur appeared on Forbes 30 Under 30, a list published annually by Forbes Magazine that features young prominent people.

The Crypto Community’s Reaction to Tiantian Demise

Undoubtedly one of the brightest minds in the crypto industry, Tiantian’s demise is a huge loss for the sector. Tom C co-founder of Charm Finance, an automatic market maker described Tiantian as a talented and genuine person who sets his heart on doing the right things for the industry. 

Tiantian’s Amber Group completed a $200 million series B+ round at a $3 billion valuation in February with Temasek, Sequoia China, Pantera Capital, and Tiger Global Management, among others, in participation.

At the time, the company stated that it intended to use the funds for both expansion and strategic acquisition, as well as other environmentally friendly projects. Meanwhile, during a recent interview, Tiantian announced that Amber Group was reducing roles with a lower priority due to the market conditions. The reduction affected about 5%-10% of its workforce.

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