AMC Theaters Considering Shiba Inu Addition — CEO


The CEO of theater chain company AMC, Adam Aron has said that the firm is weighing its options with regards to how it can begin accepting Shiba Inu. It presently accepts Dogecoin, and would be looking to truly establish itself as the king of the memestocks.

AMC To Explore Other Crypto Payment Options

In all honesty, the idea that AMC is trying to explore another meme currency as a form of exchange for real goods and services, is not exactly surprising. The relationship between AMC and meme coins began mid way through the pandemic when the former was effectively rescued by meme stock Reddit traders. Ever since then, Aron has grown quite fond of the company’s relationship with these shareholders so AMC’s crypto ambitions was always only a matter of time.

Just last month, Aron made a poll on his Twitter page asking his followers whether or not the company should expand the number of cryptocurrencies it accepts for purchasing AMC gift cards through BitPay. At the time, Aron informed his followers that the IT team of the company, was writing a code that will allow online payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum among others. He also asked if Shiba Inu could be added to the list of accepted currencies, a question that received an overwhelming ‘yes’ response.

NFTs Also In Order

Although the company recently announced it will start accepting Bitcoin for things like concessions before the year runs out, however, during the company’s shareholders meeting this week, the CEO confirmed that AMC is well on course to hit the goal. Aron then added that AMC is also looking at possible ways to improve on its acceptance of crypto, including launching its own NFT or entering into partnerships with other theaters to offer NFTs for film premieres.

He says talks are ongoing with multiple major Hollywood studios about the concept of partnership commemorative NFTs that are related to major film titles that show in AMC theaters.

So in short, the company will soon start to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash sometime before the end of 2021, and it’s expected to also be able to accept Dogecoin by the first quarter of next year. Shiba Inu will then come next on the crypto hitlist for the company.

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