Animoca Brands CEO Addresses Hurdles Experienced by Blockchain Gaming

Regardless of the hurdles on the path of the Web3.0 gaming industry, Animoca Brands Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Robby Yung has promised the release of more engaging games this year. The fusion of both blockchain technology and gaming has been on a rough trend in recent years. This has made many skeptical of what the future holds for the ecosystem.

Yung was hosted on the fifth episode of Cointelegraph Hashing it Out Podcast by Elisha Owusu Akyaw where he talked about the friction encountered by the industry as well as the giant strides that the blockchain gaming ecosystem had taken to scale through. To begin with, the Animoca Brands CEO mentioned that the issues encountered were like a double-edged knife.

Specifically, he explained that on one side of the knife, a huge percentage of the masses are yet to fully understand the concept and benefits of blockchain technology. They still need to know that gaining ownership of their digital property is a significant innovation. This shortcoming was attributed to a lack of sufficient blockchain education on the part of the industry, hence, a shortage in the supply of developers.

Gamers Going Against Each One Another

On the other side, gamers have also remained rigid to change, according to Yung. He went on to recount an event where mobile gamers and free-to-play gamers were ‘backlashed’. Another instance that he recalled was when mobile gamers were hated by both personal computer (PC) and console game communities. In the latter’s defense, mobile phones do not present an authentic gaming experience. 

Again free-to-play games were a victim of such animosity as many others could not understand the concept of playing for free and paying to acquire in-game items. Based on several statements from analysts, monetary rewards are not enough to convince gamers to adopt blockchain gaming especially as the games are not fun. 

The Animoca Brands CEO says it is too soon to arrive at such a conclusion seeing that the blockchain gaming industry is barely three years old. Ubisoft, a global video gaming company is one of the few traditional companies that have indicated an interest in blockchain gaming and has also worked with Animoca Brands.