Apple is Likely to Partner OTOY, Render Token Developer


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There have been rumors that Apple is likely to partner with OTOY Inc., the cloud-rendering company behind the trending Render (RNDR) crypto token. This started making rounds after a product connected to the RNDR network was mentioned at the recently held Apple event. 

RNDR Token Provides GPU-Based Solution

Markedly, the RNDR token is a project which offers decentralized graphic processing unit (GPU)-based graphic rendering solutions on the blockchain.

According to the Render website, RNDR is “designed to connect users looking to perform render jobs with people who have idle GPUs to process the renders.” That is, those who own idle GPUs serve nodes on the RNDR network while those in need of rendering services connect with them.

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In the world of today, there is an increased demand for such graphic rendering solutions as creators including architects, animators, interior designers, gaming platforms, NFT artists, and metaverse developers are all in need of 3D graphic solutions. Amidst this demand, artificial intelligence-based crypto tokens like Render and Singularity BET have become more popular. 

Crypto Integration And AI Products

This is not to say that AI chatbots and other related products have adopted crypto payments as expected by many. Therefore, the crypto community was hopeful that the just concluded 2023 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference would facilitate the integration of cryptocurrency, especially with the launch of the Apple Vision Pro headset. 

While it appears that Apple is in a position to collaborate with OTOY, no mention was made of any crypto market feature during the conference. One of OTOY’s key products is OctaneRender, the “world’s first and fastest unbiased, spectrally correct GPU render engine on the market.” It is most times used to edit, create and render realistic 2D images or videos based on 3D models. 

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Apple Devices Supports OctaneX

It helps creators apply certain effects which creates cinematic realism in images and videos. Last year, OctaneX was launched by OTOY as the smartphone version of OctaneRender. It is available for download on M1 and M2 iPads. This OctaneX was featured during the Apple event. 

It is understood that the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Vision Pro headset is expected to leverage the Render network. But Apple has not confirmed a looming partnership.

Meanwhile, Apple has silently removed the Bitcoin (BTC) whitepaper that was discovered in modern Mac devices.

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