AVAX price analysis for 27 March 2023


AVAX price analysis for 27 March 2023, AVAX, the twentieth-largest cryptocurrency based on market cap, is in a downtrend since November 2021. You can read more about AVAX price from CoinCodex. On the first day of this week, it seems that pressure tries to balance between buyers and sellers based on the weekly Heikin Ashi Candlestick. The weekly MACD is still negative but forms a positive histogram. The weekly RSI fluctuates below 50. The price is still under the 50 SMMA line.
AVAX price analysis for 27 March 2023

AVAX price analysis on the Daily Chart for 27 March 2023
AVAX price analysis for 27 March 2023

By diving into the daily timeframe, the price fluctuates on the daily 50 SMMA($16.75). Additionally, we observe the current area for price reaction.

The TFLOW V3 Algo has already generated a Trade Long signal.

The Daily MACD is negative with a positive histogram.

The Daily RSI fluctuates over 50.
AVAX price analysis for 27 March 2023

In the 5-hour chart, AVAX fluctuates below the 50 SMMA line of $16.88. The Volume Profile indicator determines $17.24 as a strong trading area and the price fluctuates below it. The price moves sideways.

The 5-hour MACD is negative. Additionally, the 5-hour RSI fluctuates below 50.


The price of AVAX forms a bearish momentum in medium-term scale as the technical analysis and the indicators coincide. In a short-term scale, we observe that the price fluctuates below the daily and the 5-hour 50 SMMA. Moreover, the price tries to encounter the low of the 5-hour trading range.

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