Ballet Announces New Service, Now Selling Bitcoin For Physical Delivery

The cryptocurrency wallet company Ballet announced today the launch of a new service, selling bitcoin for physical delivery.

The cryptocurrency wallet company Ballet announced today the launch of a new service, selling bitcoin for physical delivery. As an industry first, this new service allows customers to buy and invest in bitcoin while avoiding the hassle and risks associated with using a cryptocurrency exchange. After placing an order on Ballet’s website, customers will be sent a cold storage card loaded with the purchased bitcoin. The seamless retail experience can be compared to buying gold and silver coins from an online precious metals retailer, with the gold and silver shipped to the customer.

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“With our new service, we’re offering a fundamentally new way to buy bitcoin that mimics the simplicity and convenience of buying gold and silver coins, while allowing customers to tap into the extraordinary investment potential of bitcoin,” said Ballet founder and CEO Bobby Lee. “We believe this service will make bitcoin accessible to hundreds of millions of new investors, and it will appeal to experienced users as well, as this is a great way to allow their friends and family members to easily buy and hold bitcoin,” said Lee.

The purchased bitcoin will be delivered on Ballet’s patented physical storage card, PURE Bitcoin, a variation of Ballet’s flagship REAL Series cryptocurrency wallet. Similar to the REAL Series wallet, PURE Bitcoin is a stainless steel card that holds the bitcoin in cold storage, with the specific bitcoin denomination clearly shown on each card. This makes each loaded PURE Bitcoin card a physical bearer asset for bitcoin. There are no electronic components, providing superior durability and protection from cybersecurity threats such as hackers and malware. It’s designed with tamper-evident security and anti-counterfeiting measures, and just like the REAL Series, it’s incredibly easy to use. Once the customer receives their loaded PURE Bitcoin card, they can easily move the bitcoin on-chain to their wallet of choice. Alternatively, customers can choose to leave the bitcoin on the PURE Bitcoin cold storage card for long-term safekeeping. The bitcoins are held safely in cold storage on this physical card using Ballet’s patented 2FKG implementation of the open-source BIP38 industry standard, which allows the user to generate the private keys to their digital bitcoins privately, at the time and location of their choosing.

By offering a retail experience similar to purchasing gold and silver coins, Ballet’s new service aims to bridge the gap between traditional investment options and the surging demand for bitcoin. For the first time ever, customers can place an order on Ballet’s website and then take physical delivery of their bitcoin securely, all without the need to use an online cryptocurrency exchange. By eliminating the need for an exchange, this service minimizes potential exposure to cybersecurity threats and reduces the learning curve for new Bitcoin users. Ballet is currently selling physical PURE Bitcoin cards in denominations of 0.1, 0.025, 0.01, and 0.005 BTC.

The innovative, user-friendly design of PURE Bitcoin cards makes them an ideal gift option for those looking to introduce friends and family to the world of bitcoin investing. They can also be advantageous for inheritance purposes, because unlike other cryptocurrency storage methods, heirs would not need technical expertise to access private keys or encrypted digital wallets.

Ballet is currently offering bitcoin for sale in the United States in states where regulations allow, with work ongoing to expand availability into more jurisdictions. 

Bitcoin for physical delivery can be purchased at:

About Ballet:

Ballet is a US-based cryptocurrency wallet company founded in 2019 by Bobby Lee, the former CEO of BTCC, one of the world’s first and largest Bitcoin exchanges. Ballet’s mission is to make cryptocurrency easy, safe, and accessible to everyone by providing simple and secure wallet solutions. Ballet products are designed to be easy to use, even for those with no previous experience in cryptocurrency.

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