Bank of America’s Job Posting Hints It Hired a Dedicated Ripple Specialist


The United States’ second-largest bank appears to have hired a specialist for the implementation of blockchain-based payment network Ripple.

Bank seeks Ripple Specialist team lead

According to a job description on professional social network LinkedIn, as of Oct. 10, Bank of America (BoA) had stopped accepting applications for what it calls a “treasury product manager” for Ripple.

“This role leads the product management team for the Ripple Project, a decentralized ledger technology based solution to cross border payments marketed to GTS clients,” the job’s description reads, continuing:

“The incumbent will be responsible for driving product strategy and growth, overseeing daily product management routines, and overseeing the development of new initiatives that result in an innovative and highly-competitive product offering.”

This move suggests that BoA is joining the increasing number of banks eyeing Ripple in some form. It has also filed a patent related to the technology in July.

Warming up to crypto?

Despite its size, the bank has traditionally been hostile to cryptocurrency, blocking account holders from completing transactions in previous years.

That perspective seemed to get overhauled in 2019. As Cointelegraph reported, BoA submitted a patent for a digital currency wallet in August. It also joined R3’s Marco Polo blockchain trade platform in September.

The treasury product manager candidate, meanwhile, must have experience in the payments sector, but cryptocurrency knowledge is not a specific requirement, according to the posting.

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