Bill Gates Explains How He Fight COVID-19 if He Were U.S. President


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Bill Gates, Microsoft сo-founder, shared his thoughts about the current state of the healthcare system and ways to fight coronavirus. He explained what measures he would implement if he were the U.S. president.

Although not a one-man show, coronavirus is proving problematic to many nations, and a strict leader needed to keep people safe. One man who has been at the forefront of coronavirus pandemic outbreak in the world is none other than Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates. In his recent sentiments made during a Ted Talk, he highlighted some of the things he thinks if he were the president he would have given priority to fight coronavirus.

Less than two weeks ago, he announced that he has left the Microsoft Board of Directors in order to focus on fighting coronavirus globally. This move gave Bill a chance to focus on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which primarily has been dealing with almost similar pandemics in the world. With more than $50 billion in store, he is a big shark to look upon.

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To put things into perspective, the state of New York will receive less than $3.5 billion from the coronavirus stimulus bill to fight coronavirus, more so, it is the worst-hit state in the United States. Comparing what $3.5 billion can do, it shows Bill’s $50 billion can go a long way in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Previously, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation had donated $5 million as a grant to Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: INO), in order to speed up the process of vaccine development. The vaccine referred to as INO-4800 from the company is now in the preclinical studies.

Bill Gates Proposals and Measures to Fight Coronavirus if He Were the President

The first thing ‘president Bill Gates’ would do to fight coronavirus pandemic is to prioritize keeping people across America in isolation. According to him, this would go a long way to flatten the coronavirus curve that has been steadily rising.

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He said that ‘the clear message that we have no choice to maintain this isolation and that’s going to keep going for a period of time. He cited the Chinese who have been so far effective in controlling the spread of the virus. According to him, Chinese isolation has taken place in six weeks, and for the U.S, to be effective, they have to prepare to do the same and do it very well.

To support his theory of isolation, he added that it would only take 20 days to see the current curve flatten and the situation under control. However, he noted that as a president it would not be easy, but it’s the only way forward. Currently, over 179 million people in the United States are being urged to stay at home.

His sentiments greatly contradict that of Donald Trump, who recently said that ”America will again, and soon, be open for business. Sooner than three or four months being anticipated.” Despite the differences, the two need to work together to see the virus under control.

A number of companies like Gilead Sciences Inc (NASDAQ: GILD) and Moderna Inc (NASDAQ: MRNA) are pushing to develop a vaccine in a historic speed. as a result, their stock market has been very volatile looking to skyrocket on positive news. The WHO recently said there are over 20 companies racing to develop a possible vaccine in the world. however, it may take more than a year for any of them to conclusively have a possible vaccine.

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