BILLCRYPT Announces Token Sale


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BILLCRYPT has announced a sale of tokens to support investment in their Blockchain integration system.

BILLCRYPT pl. is a multifunctional and robust Blockchain integration system of representative offices of companies, professional communities, specialists, and products. Blockchain Representation (BR) is created by users on the blockchain in the form of decentralized applications with a smooth-running interface. This will make it possible to unite blockchain projects and projects of the real sector. BR can also be created for goods and anything that generally relies on the availability of historical information. Over time, a huge unified BR catalog with reliable information on the status and reputation of the BR owner will be created since blockchain is the ideal technology for information storage. Thus, the creation of the BR catalog allows everyone to accumulate reliable information about different services and products. It raises the level of decision-making security to unprecedented levels, monetizes the reputation and status of the BR, and allows users to gain access to reliable information. BILLCRYPT introduces a concept that has never been done before in the history of crypto innovations.

BILLCRYPT possesses a sophisticated algorithm that makes the platform more scalable. Thereby, catapulting business development into unprecedented levels. This allows investors to quickly and reliably evaluate the represented business. It also ensures that companies are interacting with specialists regardless of their geographical location while making profitable investment decisions. For the ordinary user, this will be the most reliable way to select specialists, services, and products. The platform is built on a secure node, thereby reducing the risks of deep web or surface web hackers from gaining access to users’ data and privacy. There are no restrictions on how interactions are made on the platform, effectively giving everyone the freedom they desire.

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To facilitate the effective functioning and high level of transparency of the entire platform and investments, the creation of the evolutionary ERC-20 BILLCRYPT token has become a necessity. This token will be used as a digital currency to pay for the functions of the BR offices. Acquiring new crypto assets in the form of tokens of other projects will also be possible. Taking into consideration the constant development of the platform and the increase in demand for tokens, BILLCRYPT will become an indispensable financial tool.

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BILLCRYPT is a blockchain integration system that brings together representatives from different parts of the private sector. Users use Blockchain Representation to connect blockchain projects with traditional industries. The goal is to provide an accumulation of reliable information while monetizing Blockchain Representation and raising decision-making security.

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