Binance US Liquidity Surpasses Gemini Exchange in Just 9 Days


Binance US launched just over a week ago, but its liquidity is already above that of the Winklevoss Twin’s Gemini exchange. This fact was stressed by Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ).

Binance US Liquidity Triples and Surpasses Gemini Exchange

CZ cited data from to point out that Binance’s American branch saw its liquidity tripling in about a week.

Liquidity is a term that refers to the ease at which traders can buy or sell a cryptocurrency. Trading on crypto exchanges with higher liquidity is more convenient since entering and exiting a particular market is more accessible due to the abundance of a given cryptocurrency held or circulating at the exchange.

Despite the high liquidity, Binance US’ trading volume is still infinitesimal. However, don’t forget that the platform came out only a week ago, so we should stay patient until more traders join the exchange. Currently, the US branch generates a 24-hour volume figure of $2 million. For comparison, the same Gemini displays over $16 million while Coinbase Pro generates over $152 million. Binance’s global platform itself handles more than $740 million in daily trading volume.

Currently, Binance US offers 28 markets to trade on, including 12 USD-based pairs, 11 USDT-based pairs, and 5 pairs that have Bitcoin as a base currency. American traders can sell their US dollars in exchange for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, Ripple’s XRP, Tether’s USDT, and the native token BNB, among others. More coins will show up gradually.

Despite being around for several days, Coinmarketcap still shows no data for Binance US, though it has already prepared a page for it.

Expanding at Fast Pace

CZ said that the US branch was growing faster than Binance back in the day. Traders might feel motivated to join the platform for zero fees until the end of October.

On a side note, Binance US announced through its Twitter profile that scammers were posing as official customer support agents.

We might find out more details about Binance US from Anthony Pompliano’s interview with CEO Catherine Coley. You might find the interview soon in another “Off the Chain” podcast.

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