Binance’s Yi He Addresses Speculations About Her Relationship with CZ


Binance Exchange’s co-founder, Yi He, has recently addressed speculations surrounding her relationship with Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao, the CEO of trading platform. As one of the key figures behind the success of the crypto exchange, Yi He felt it necessary to provide clarity and address any misconceptions that may have arisen.

While speaking in an interview with Bloomberg, Yi He made it clear that her relationship with CZ was strictly professional and based on their shared vision for Binance. The Co-founder emphasized that their partnership has been built on trust, mutual respect, and a common goal of driving innovation in the cryptocurrency space.

Romantic Scandal Involving SBF and Caroline Ellison

The crypto industry has seen its fair share of scandals and controversies, and the FTX saga was one that captured significant attention. 

The news of Sam Bankman-Fried’s alleged romantic involvement with Caroline Ellison, a former executive at FTX, drew widespread criticism and raised questions about professionalism and ethical conduct within the industry. A recent report even revealed that Ellison received $587 million in payment from the now-defunct FTX.

Yi He Dismisses Romantic Rumors with CZ

In addressing the parallels drawn between her relationship with CZ and the situation involving Sam Bankman-Fried and Caroline Ellison, Yi He emphasizes the significant differences between the two scenarios. She points out that while Caroline was an employee at FTX, her role as a Co-founder of Binance sets her apart from a typical employment relationship. 

Yi He offered further detail on her relationship with CZ and drew parallels to the early days of Inc. In her interviews, she referred to CZ as her comrade-in-arms, even comparing their connection to that of college roommates.

Yi He Entry Into the Crypto Space

The Co-founder highlighted that entry into the crypto industry began with her role at OKCoin in 2014, where she hired CZ as the Chief Technology Officer.

Although she temporarily left the industry, her consultation and contributions to Binance’s white paper, along with her established reputation in the Chinese crypto community, played a significant role in Binance’s success as a relatively new exchange at the time. 

Together with Zhao’s technical expertise, Yi He’s involvement proved instrumental in propelling Binance’s growth and establishing it as a major player in the crypto market. 

In light of ongoing legal battles between Binance and SEC, Yi He has expressed Binance’s willingness to adapt to the evolving regulatory landscape. The regulators have filed complaints against Binance and Zhao, citing federal law violations.

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