Ordinarily, buying and holding a crypto asset is a method of accumulating more crypto but in reality, it doesn’t really guarantee profit making. Funds could actually be lost in the process of doing such. Owing to this fact, it is safe to state that hodling crypto is not the surest way neither is it a true passive income generator.

Crypto4Winners shortened as C4W, is a unique crypto trading platform that offers a secure investment platform to crypto-friendly people. Emphasis is on crypto pools, services and results as well as conditions to access solution proffered. 

It is pertinent to state that there’s neither entry nor exit fee in all transaction processes. Also, management fee is not incurred during transactions with Crypto4Winners.

The team comprises I.T developers, Business developers with investors’ portfolios managed by a team of 5 experienced traders. The trading strategies includes; day trading, scalping and algorithmic trade while the yield strategies entails basically staking and yield farming. 

A cryptocurrency enthusiast will find its disruptive potential interesting as well as become optimistic about the future and further seek ways to earn passive income and preserve cryptos. 

In the past 12 months, Crypto4Winners has been able to launch a Global Crypto Pool, which is geared towards creating a diversified portfolio of crypto-assets invested through multi-strategies.

Target market

The target customer base include the following;

  • Financial/Crypto savvy populace
  • Hodl some crypto portfolio (BTC, ETH, USDT)
  • Futurist with a medium to long term goal in mind

Services offered

  • Crypto asset manager: Crypto assets are managed at a fair value with long term appreciation of the crypto market in mind. This will be useful for busy investors who don’t have time to manage their crypto assets themselves and are keen to accumulate more crypto in a secured and transparent manner. 
  • Create diversified portfolio: Unlike traditional hedge funds, C4W investment pools allow investors to generate return from their crypto by actively managing the cryptocurrency through both medium to long-term holding strategies thus, holding a diversified portfolio of crypto.

Future Plans

The following milestones are listed as part of plans that constitutes the future goals of  Crypto4Winners;

  • Hire talents such as crypto analysts
  • Launch and spread an external communication campaign to increase brand awareness
  • Develop and communicate about LEDGER partnership to a teeming audience
  • Retain current customers and grow an organic customer base of 5000 by the end of the year.

Customer incentives

Crypto4Winners is open to rewarding customers for efforts and good work done. A referral system is chosen as a reward strategy and this is positioned as level 1.

Each referred user earns the referral 10% from the net profits from the referred user, credited under the “Referral” section in the dashboard of the corresponding user.

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