Bit2Me raised $23.9 million from public sale rounds, ready to expand


After three successful and viral public sales, Bit2Me, a Spanish crypto exchange, has finally raised a total of 20 million EUR ($23.9 million) to expand its newly released token, B2M.

The opening sale came on September 6, from which the platform collected a tremendous $5.9 million within a minute. The second sale performed excellently and collected $8.8 million in the first 47 seconds. Then came the third and final round, which sold out in the first 38 seconds. Every round sets the fastest and highest earnings by any exchange coin in any public sale in the history of the crypto world. Bit2Me didn’t stop here and secured an additional $3.3 million from various private funds with the help of its partners and high-profile investors. The exchange is sure enough to claim that this performance will continue until November 1. This is the release day of the token on comapny’s own platform.

Bit2Me: We will make crypto a day-to-day thing for people

Koh Onozawa, a new member of the company’s advisory board, talked about the success of the token sale. He said that this sale is not the result of some days of work but is the product of 6 years of hard work by the employers and community building that Bit2Me specially focussed on. Started as an unknown small platform, Bit2Me is now among one of the largest exchanges in Europe.

He further added that the team has worked hard and is thrilled to see what the future yields and its effect on the exchange industry all around the globe. He said that their goal is to make crypto a day-to-day thing for people.

Under the mission, the company is developing and reflecting its goal of becoming a platform for all crypto-related things. The company’s product portfolio includes tons of highly impressive products created especially to serve users’ needs.

The portfolio includes a range of services and offerings along with Bit2Me Wallet. It is an asset storage and exchange app with the capability of hosting 60 crypto assets. It also has Bit2Me Trade- a trading platform where users can have the market, limit, and stop-limit orders. The company will also have the option of an over-the-counter trading desk for handling large volume trading.

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