Bitcoin gets a shoutout on Showtime’s Wall Street drama Billions


The leading cryptocurrency, bitcoin, was mentioned in the Showtime’s hit show Billions. The show has mentioned cryptocurrencies a few times before.

Cryptocurrencies continue to receive serious mainstream attention as it was featured in the premiere episode of the fifth season of the famous Wall Street drama Billions. Billions is a popular financially-centered Wall Street drama following the clash between a ruthless US Attorney Chuck Rhodes played by Paul Giamati and billionaire Robert Axelrod played by Damian Lewis. The season had its fifth season air this Sunday, and it kicked off with a shoutout to the bitcoin mining and its “intrinsic” value.

Bitcoin’s intrinsic value was mentioned in the episode.

In the first episode of the fifth season of Billions, the character portrayed by Chuck Rhodes took a stab at bitcoin, denying its intrinsic value and saying that it’s backed by nothing. The other character responds to that saying, “what’s the Dollar backed by since we went off the Gold Standard?” A response that is commonly used by bitcoin supporters. However, the attorney answered, saying that the dollar is backed by “roads, the military, industry, the credit of the Federal Government, that sort of thing, but I get your point.”

Bitcoin shoutout in Billions caught the attention of Binance CEO.

The CEO of one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges, Binance, Changpeng Zhao, retweeted the excerpt from the show where bitcoin was mention with the hashtag “adoption.” This is not the first time that bitcoin was mentioned in a popular series. Earlier, Simpsons dedicated 2 minutes to explain cryptocurrencies. The guest star Jim Parsons explained what cryptocurrencies are how they work. In the Showtime’s show Billions, cryptocurrencies were mentioned in previous seasons as well but in a negative light. Most of the references about cryptocurrencies are mainly associated with money-laundering, profit-hiding.

In one of the earlier seasons of Billions, Bobby Axelrod handed one of his employees a hardware wallet with $1 million worth of crypto as a bonus but with off the company’s financial records. There have been several other occasions where cryptocurrencies were mentioned in the show.

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