Bitcoin Mining to Help Reduce 8% of Global Emissions by 8%: Report


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As per the recent development, Dylan Campbell and Alexander Larsen, members of the IRM Energy and Renewables Group, authored a report titled “Bitcoin and the Energy Transition: From Risk to Opportunity.” 

Bitcoin Mining can Serve as a Catalyst for Energy Transition

This paper posited that while Bitcoin had been perceived as a risk due to its energy consumption, it also had the potential to serve as a catalyst for the energy transition, offering innovative solutions to global energy challenges.

8% Reduction by 2030

According to the report, Bitcoin mining has the potential to contribute to a reduction in global emissions of up to 8% by the year 2030. The report specifically cited a theoretical scenario where utilizing captured methane to fuel BTC mining operations could lead to a decrease in the quantity of methane released into the atmosphere.

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The paper also outlined additional avenues in which Bitcoin could play a role in enhancing the energy sector. It states BTC has the potential to promote energy efficiency by leveraging BTC mining operations for electricity grid management and by transferring the excess heat generated by miners to greenhouse facilities.

Bitcoin is a Catalyst for Cleaner Future

The report reads: “We have shown that while Bitcoin is a consumer of electricity, this does not translate to it being a high emitter of carbon dioxide and other atmospheric pollutants. BTC can be the catalyst to a cleaner, more energy-abundant future for all.

Bitcoin mining has long posed concerns for environmental enthusiasts, but with these recent findings, it appears that there is potential for addressing and mitigating these concerns through implementation of appropriate actions.

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Outdated Programming Infrastructure

In September of the previous year, the well-known environmental advocacy group Greenpeace USA voiced criticism of Bitcoin, citing its “outdated” programming infrastructure.

In addition a research paper submitted to the CCAF’s Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (CBCI) in 2022 unveiled significant changes in the composition of electricity utilized in BTC mining over the preceding three years. The findings indicate that the predominant sources of energy for BTC mining witnessing the most substantial growth are coal and natural gas.

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