Bitcoin whales move $90 million over different transactions


With Bitcoin [BTC] maintaining its value above the $10,000 mark, altcoins also joined the BTC bulls. Amid the recent glitch that happened in the price of the king coin over CoinMarketCap, crypto-traders were left scratching their heads and started discussing the sudden change in the price of the digital gold. Bitcoin whales move $90 million

As Bitcoin’s bullish momentum continued, BTC whales became active and started exchanging digital assets between wallets. An update on one such exchange was shared by Whale Alert, one of the web’s major cryptocurrency transaction trackers, over Twitter. The tweet read,

“4,923 #BTC (50,127,848 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to unknown wallet”

The transaction was deemed successful and was carried out in 13 confirmations over the Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin was transferred between wallet address 1H2zrVQxU3ymunr9CunjoActooLW2ryQK7 and wallet address 1E9XrWmGoX6iJrxqgr9qMicsgxouDqaSXL. Time stamp noted for the transaction was 07:09:31 UTC, 20 September 2019. The hash recorded for the same was d7bbbcff89b15033426e32477b6e8dd2980817b3d21b8576feb40ccf8860e073 and 0.0000384 BTC was charged as transaction fee. Also, the block height for the transaction was #595724.

Previously, Whale Alert shared news of another Bitcoin transfer between wallets,

BTC was transferred between wallet address 15pyB7yDpuxENYiAjFf5SWFrdqoH5ijMy2 and wallet address 16mtoHXrCbES1jxUW7TXbkWKcMvwhBp6M7 over Bitcoin blockchain. Hash rate 3a7a5d9096bca98a45399508b2e2fc4ed7216ad6a5ffe2e131694fedaa70d3af was recorded, having a time stamp of 07:03:53 UTC, on 20 September 2019. This transaction was done in 17 confirmations with a trading fee 0.0000576 BTC charged, along with having a block height of #595723.

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