BitcoinIsMagic Review – An Essential Tool for Crypto Users


The cryptocurrency industry has gained so much power and it continues to gain popularity. In just 11 years, thousands of companies took the challenge and developed different instruments for both users and merchants. Continue reading on BitcoinIsMagic Review.

The downside of this is that now we have so much information to consider when choosing a crypto wallet or trading site that we can easily feel overwhelmed. We tend to choose the most popular options, and most of the time we miss the newer and even better ones.

Our time is limited and not everyone likes to do research. So when you find websites like Bitcoin is magic everything becomes so much convenient.

Review What is BitcoinIsMagic about?

Created in 2017, BitcoinIsMagic became an essential instrument for crypto users. The objective of the development team is to help people choose their crypto tools knowingly.

It’s very important to take into consideration the country’s legislation, the currencies accepted, the conversion rate, and so much more. With that in mind, the company collected all that information and presented is in a way users will not feel overwhelmed. 

What can be found on BitcoinIsMagic?

The website has a very simple design and it’s very easy to find the information you are interested about. The main page shortly presents the website content, such as:

  • Top 3 trading sites;
  • Top 3 bitcoin wallets;
  • A view of the online convertor.

The complete information is distributed into three pages: Buy Bitcoin – Bitcoins Wallet – Trade Bitcoin.

Review BitcoinIsMagic Buy Bitcoin Page

Buy bitcoin page highlights a form application developed by MoonPay. With this feature, you can buy cryptocurrencies or sell them. You can also:

  • Check your trading history;
  • Choose from 13 languages available;
  • Choose your default currency;
  • Name the cryptocurrency you want to buy or sell;
  • Determine the crypto coins and tokens value.

The process is really not difficult. You just name what you want to buy or sell, enter the amount, and then type in the address of the receiver.

What is really great about this app is that the crypto value is constantly updated so that the decision-making process is much easier.

Review BitcoinIsMagic Bitcoin Wallet Page

On the second page you can find a list with Bitcoin wallets. For each of them the website shows the cryptocurrencies accepted, their rating, and the presence or absence of the mobile app wallet, hard wallet, and debit card.

But it gets even better.

The company tests the bitcoin wallet before presenting them and writes a review for every one of them. Those reviews are focused on price, features, and much more, so you don’t need to do a lot of research to choose – they already provide you with all the information you need.

Trade Bitcoin Page

The past part of Bitcoin is magic website presents a list of trading sites. Besides exchange rating and the cryptocurrencies supported, they present the fees and deposits methods.

Each review has graphics and data which proves the accuracy and high quality of their research.

Is BitcoinIsMagic an essential instrument?

If you want to choose the best options for you without spending hours on research and dictionaries, then yes. It is actually very inspiring to see that there are people who work hard to make the crypto experience easier.

That way, more people would join this new form of payment and so we are closer to a world independent of the government actions.

The interface is friendly, there’s quality information, and moreover – they provide users with benefits. For example, they now have a $500 bitcoin giveaway that will end on November 5th. So, what are you waiting for?

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