BlockSec Floats Comprehensive Toolkit for Private Forked Chains

In a bid to provide a more reliable and secure testing tool for blockchain firms, the Blockchain security firm, BlockSec has launched a comprehensive tool kit with exciting testing features on private chains.

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As announced by the company, the toolkit dubbed “Phalcon Fork” is designed for Web 3.0 developers as well as security researchers to jointly test private mainnet states.

To access the toolkit, users have to go through the portal on Phalcon’s homepage or directly via a link provided, thereby allowing users full access to create and manage Forks. However, to create a Fork, users have to do that from transaction positions and block numbers on the mainnet.

BlockSec’s Phalcon Fork’s Unique Features

Interestingly, the launched tool kit affords a range of benefits to its users as it supports both signed and unsigned transactions, although it only stores the finished transactions and not the signed raw transactions. Additionally, the Phalcon Fork is created in a way that one can prevent signed transactions from being replayed.

Meanwhile, there are two major methods to send transactions to a Fork, either through the Fork RPC or via the web interface. As per the released manual, this exceptional tool comes with interesting features including a snapshot that allows users to save certain positions on the blockchain and return to them at will while testing their applications on the Ethereum (ETH) mainnet. 

Notably, Phalcon Fork features did not stop there. The launched tool kit has an in-built faucet that allows users to claim test Ethers at ease without struggling to get tokens from the testnets.

Unlike other traditional solutions, with the toolkit, users can have total control over block information, and facilitate quick integration of and debugging with other Decentralized Finance (DeFi) contracts while also retaining services and positions from the mainnet.

Another unique aspect of the test tool that makes it stand out among its competitors is its open-source nature which allows for further development, customization, and integration with blockchain tools. The blockchain startup prides itself on providing security infrastructure that can be harnessed by the broader ecosystem.

Recall that after Ethereum’s transitioning from the proof-of-work to the proof-of-stake mechanism via the Merge last year, the startup warned of a replay exploit which led to the loss of 200 Ether PoW (ETHW).

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