BNB Chain to Bring Blockchain Education to the Public in Partnership With University of Zurich

BNB Chain has announced its partnership with the University of Zurich in its attempt to deepen its role as a major blockchain education outfit in the world.

The smart contract platform will work hand in hand with the Blockchain Center of the University to design a section of the course on fundamental blockchain concepts and host an NFT workshop for students.

Billed to play a major role in the upcoming UZH International Summer Schools 2022 program, BNB Chain will organize a section that will discuss key concepts in the blockchain space including the consensus model, assets in the ledger, data storage in blocks, identity, governance, and smart contracts.

“BNB Chain wants to accelerate the development of blockchain technology and empower students to build innovative projects. This collaboration is an opportunity for the students to dive deeper into blockchain technology and contribute to the future of Web3, as well as for us to amplify the mass adoption of blockchain,” said Alvin Kan, Ecosystem Coordinator for Games and NFT and Director of Data & Research at BNB Chain.

BNB Chain and its Education Drive

The prominent role that BNB Chain will be undertaking at the Summer School will be handled by Alvin Kan. The program will be a landmark showcase of the unique potential of the BNB Chain protocol.

Alvin will develop a use case in which a group of 5 students across various disciplines will run a project in which they will showcase the strength of the BNB Chain. Participation in the program as a whole will be accompanied by a certificate from the University of Zurich and an NFT (Proof-of-Achievement) from Binance NFT upon successful completion of the course.

Cryptocurrency exchanges occupy a pivotal position in the push to bring blockchain education to the broader public. 

Binance exchange has particularly been at the forefront of this education movement and has inked quite a number of partnerships to bring this to pass. BNB Chain has previously organized in-person workshops and developer events with educational institutions such as Epitech Technology, 42, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, and others.