BNB Chain Updates to Combat Compatibility Issues with EVM Chains


According to recent reports, Binance’s BNB Chain is set to carry out two updates this month, namely, the Plato and Hertz, aiming at strengthening the network’s combating capability against fraudulent blockchains and connectivity with the other Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchains.

BNB Chain’s Plato Update

The Plato update, which was completed on August 10, includes BEP-126. The most recent advancement includes a fast finality mechanism that will probably remove a possibility to revert blocks. BEP-126 implements the fast finality in a number of phases.

Arno Bauer, senior solution architect at BNB Chain, evaluated the network changes. The architect expects the fast finality mechanism to limit the possibility of chain reorganization and stabilize block production while ensuring that customers can have precise data from the latest block right then they seek for it. Bauer explained: “Overall, BEP-126 aims to enhance blockchain security and efficiency on the BNB Smart Chain by introducing a fast finality mechanism.”

The Hertz Hard Fork

On August 30, the Hertz hard fork will be implemented with the goal to keep the BNB Chain connected and updated with EVM blockchain developments. Bauer said: “Therefore, for compatibility reasons, it is important that those EIPs are also enabled on BSC to ensure a smooth development and ecosystem growth.”

As TheCoinRise reported last month, the BNB Beacon Chain mainnet was expected to implement the “ZhangHeng” hard fork, which was also anticipated to provide additional safety modifications. As a result of this change, the company predicted that “the blockchain will panic and stop producing new blocks,” owing to “reconciliation errors.”

191 Projects Added to BNB Chain’s Red Alert List

BNB Chain also added 191 new projects to its red alert list in April, encompassing decentralized applications (DApps) and currencies stored on the platform. The majority of the projects listed have been identified for a number of reasons, ranging from inaccessible websites or Twitter accounts to the issuing of fraudulent tokens.

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