Can Tokenization Crush the $3 Billion Dollar Fake-Degree Industry? OSIS Is Putting This to the Test

There has been an increase in demand for tokenization ever since the crypto industry started to take off.
There has been an increase in demand for tokenization ever since the crypto industry started to take off.

Physical credentials, such as employee badges, certifications, and passports, are used by organizations to identify people and verify claims about them, such as being old enough to enter a nightclub or graduating with a degree. Physical credentials, on the other hand, have drawbacks.

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For example, there are over 3,300 unrecognized universities worldwide, many of which are outright forgeries that sell bachelors, masters, doctorate, law, and medical degrees to anyone willing to pay the price. No country is immune to the problem.

One international diploma mill, run by Americans, with offices in Europe and the Middle East and mailing addresses in the United Kingdom, has sold over 450,000 degrees to clients all over the world who did nothing more than write a cheque. Their revenue surpassed $450,000,000.

Each year, 40,000 to 45,000 Ph.D. degrees are awarded in the United States. Every year, more than 50,000 fake PhDs are purchased from diploma mills. In other words, more than half of all people claiming a new Ph.D. have a forgery on their resume.

Companies and organizations must interact with thousands of people online as information becomes more digitized. How can organizations tell if a degree or document is genuine? If organizations can’t tell whether digital assets are real or fake, they risk hiring someone who isn’t really qualified for the job. Many people simply use Photoshop or modify a PDF to create fake certificates or licenses.

Credential tokenization can assist individuals and organizations in creating and sharing their identities and claims in a reliable manner.

There has been an increase in demand for tokenization ever since the crypto industry started to take off. When the OSIS team realized this, they embarked on a financial revolution that brings the world closer to a tokenized economy through tokenization, education, and many user-friendly products that make Web3 accessible to the average person.

What Is OSIS?

OSIS is a feature-rich platform that gives users all the tools they need to start their Web3 journey. The goal of OSIS is to tokenize the entire world and touch a billion lives. OSIS is the first company to use tokenization in all of its operations.

OSIS plans to create a Universal Value System comprising all public brands, businesses, and interconnected services, globally decentralized. Tokenization allows all parties interested in participating or creating their own projects to do so easily without needing a middleman to control their process.

The socioeconomic benefits, which were previously only available to large private firms and the upper class, would now be available to all citizens worldwide. OSIS will make this possible at a fraction of the cost and time.

The OSIS Core, OSIS Exchange, OSIS Tokenizer, and OSIS University are among these tools. OSIS also has over 120,000 members and active communities on various platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, OpenSea, Discord, Instagram, Medium, YouTube, and others.

OSIS To Tokenize More Than 10,000 Degrees per Year

With over 3300 degree mills worldwide, the fake credentials and degrees industry is worth billions of dollars. Every major university has been impacted.

OSIS Tokenizer will assist educational institutions in creating unchangeable, verifiable, and publicly accessible online records. This is a foolproof method for verifying degrees and eliminating fake degree scams. Working tirelessly toward this goal, OSIS has formed strategic alliances with world-class universities, such as the University of Tijuana and the Institute of Technology in Monterrey, to tokenize over 10,000 degrees each year.

Organizations can use the OSIS Launchpad to create verifiable documents and other assets faster, cheaper, and easier than traditional methods.

Fast growing ecosystem

Since its inception OSIS has made major achievements. Some of which includes collaboration with CoinCare and VISA to build digital currency debit cards, raising $1.3million in private round and featuring on top news publications like Forbes, Bloomberg TV, Fox News TV and Newsmax TV.

In addition, its community has grown to more than 120,000 members with 2000+ Metabadge NFTs sold to premium members.

OSIS was the headline sponsor at the BlockchainLand conference where it exhibited its ecosystem product and features.

To ensure the continued success of its ecosystem, OSIS plans to finalize strategic partnerships with University of Tijuana and Institute of Technology in Monterey.

It also intends to launch the OSIS wallet and OSIS exchange, the first decentralized exchange governed entirely by community votes and consensus.

About OSIS

OSIS is a decentralized blockchain launchpad co-founded by Jalal Ibrahimi and Chris Goma that allows anyone to move from Web2 to Web3.It is the first platform that enables users to tokenize anything on a large scale, including businesses, brands, and even careers.

Its primary goal is to educate people about Web3 while also making it more accessible to everyone. With OSIS, users can access the world’s fastest, easiest, cheapest, and most accessible tokenization platform, allowing anyone to tokenize their assets or business in minutes. It integrates the best technology making it energy efficient.

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