Canto Set to Migrate to Polygon CDK on Ethereum

Cosmos-native layer-1 blockchain Canto has migrated to Ethereum (ETH) as a Layer-2 zero-knowledge (zk) rollup powered by Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK).

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The movement is characterized by Canto’s vision to build a blockchain dedicated to real-world assets per a published statement by Polygon Labs. Markedly, the CDK will be used to undergird the new design.

“Chains designed with CDK retain independence without sacrificing modularity, and join a unified ecosystem of ZK L2s connected to one another, with fast and seamless access to Ethereum,” the blog post highlighted. 

Collaboration Between Canto And Polygon CDK 

Canto was released last year as a permissionless general-purpose blockchain.

The chain provides an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible execution layer including core financial primitives like decentralized exchange, lending market, and unit of account. On the other hand, Polygon CDK is a permissionless and open-source technology that be utilized to design and build zero-knowledge chains that reflect a community’s ethos.

Hence, integrating with Canto Commons will mean that “core devs will be able to build a ZK L2 that extends the community’s defining ethos of permissionless sovereignty and liquidity as a public good” and Canto will also gain access to tge liquidity of a unified Polygon ecosystem with easy access to ETH.

Polygon-Canto Relationship to Enjoy ETH-linked Security 

Amongst other perks, Polygon and Canto stand to enjoy Ethereum’s security, thereby enabling more decentralization as well as trustless guarantees that come when bridging assets.

Furthermore, Canto took to the X app to explain the move that prompted the adoption of the Polygon CDK citing its capability and functionality including permissionless sovereignty, security, and liquidity. 

“After assessing several routes, it quickly became clear that Polygon CDK offers a powerful suite to enable Canto to deliver a ZK L2 that extends the community’s defining ethos of permissionless sovereignty, security, and liquidity as a public good.”

Multiple Migrations From Different Blockchains 

It is worth noting that there has been a recent growing trend of migrating from multiple blockchains.

Last month, the Y00ts Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) project hinted at migrating from Polygon to Ethereum at an undisclosed date. This was after it had migrated from Solana to Polygon at the beginning of the year. Consequently, the Y00ts project said would be returning 100% of the $3 million grant provided by Polygon.

MakerDAO Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Rune Christensen also hinted at a re-implementation of its upcoming project to Solana blockchain.

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