Cardano Creator’s New Hospital to Accept ADA

The creator of Cardano confirmed that his new clinic will accept ADA and stated that it would be operational by February 2023.

Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of the blockchain engineering firm Input Output Global, Inc., has announced the opening of his new hospital, the “Hoskinson Health & Wellness Clinic,” which will also accept payments in ADA, the native currency of the Cardano ecosystem, for medical services.

The creator of Cardano made the announcement of the project’s progress a few days ago, stating that the hospital would be operational by February 2023. However, Hoskinson did not specify whether or not his new medical facility will take other significant cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH).

In answer to a question from one of his Twitter followers asking if they could use ADA to pay their expenses at the recently opened clinic, Hoskinson posted the update. His response to the question was “Yes.”

For some clients, the choice to accept ADA as a payment method, however, was disappointing. Some people noted that Hoskinson might have chosen alternate Cardano-based payment methods like DJED, the platform’s first decentralized stablecoin.

More on Cardano Founder’s Clinic

The United States based Hoskinson Health & Wellness Clinic offers a comprehensive range of medical treatments, such as primary care, mental health care, women’s health care, preventive health screenings, cancer screenings, diet/nutritional medicine, and cardiovascular care to the hospital’s patients. 

The medical institution also focuses on biological food supplements, diets, exercise, and medical treatment, as well as life extensions for elderly patients. Next month, the clinic will be completely operating and is currently just partially open. 

Approximately 10 employees are now employed at the hospital, according to the company’s LinkedIn page.

After observing the turmoil surrounding FTX, Hoskinson shared his thought in November last year that the collapse could be seen as the final negative event of the bear market. Given that Sam Bankman Fried’s now bankrupted exchange was indeed a pioneer in its field and that its problem creates a “cascade through the cryptocurrency market,” he believes that the revelation would have a significant influence on the whole digital asset ecosystem.