Cardano Founder will Not Discuss XRP Due to Community Backlash


Charles Hoskinson, the creator of the cryptocurrency network Cardano (ADA), has announced that he will no longer discuss Ripple or its native coin, XRP, due to the harsh accusations he has received from the community.

Hoskinson stated during a webcast on December 16 that the attacks originate from his stance in the ongoing lawsuit between Ripple and SEC, where he has been alleged of cooperating with the regulator.

Earlier, Hoskinson mentioned that he had been told by those connected with the subject that the case will be resolved on December 15. However, Hoskinson noted that he was again attacked by the XRP community, which accused him of lying. 

The Cardano founder said he was weary of being attacked every time he spoke about XRP, despite his support for Ripple’s efforts to popularise the cryptocurrency industry, and that the conspiracy theories surrounding his involvement in the case were “senseless.” He added that he was ending his connection with XRP.

He said: 

“I was accused of lying, and I was accused of yet again creating a flood and trolling. I don’t know how to interact with the XRP community, I think my statements have been historically very measured and supportive,”

He further stated that “moving forward, I’m not going to answer any questions at all about XRP in any circumstances. I’m not going to mention the project” while adding, “ I’m just going to simply say no comment.”

XRP Community turns against Against Hoskinson

The XRP community has been relentless in their attacks on Hoskinson ever since he pointed out that the SEC investigation was still underway because there were lack of clear laws in the crypto sector.

Meanwhile, in a similar situation in October this year, the Cardano founder publicly declared that he is breaking all relations with the XRP community, stating that he has been the center of criticism for some members of the XRP community related to the ‘conspiracy’ statement that he made regarding Ripple during an online interview.



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