Casio to Partner Polygon Labs to Launch Virtual G-SHOCK NFTs


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Japanese electronic multinational Casio has hinted at a partnership with Polygon Labs to roll out the virtual version of its product dubbed G-SHOCK on the Polygon blockchain.

Markedly, Casio is positive about the adoption of this virtual offering, hinging its optimism on the popularity of the shock-resistant watch which has already sold out as much as over 100 million units since 1983. 

For a start, they would be releasing a Non-fungible token (NFT)-based collection of community access passes which will include 15,000 units of the digital collectibles. Moving forward, by September 23rd, users can begin to claim one of these G-SHOCK creators passes NFTs. The NFT will give them access to the Discord channel of the project.

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Casio’s Vision For Virtual G-SHOCK 

According to the stated vision of the virtual G-SHOCK, “The project brings together both long-time fans of G-SHOCK and people who are not yet familiar with the brand, offering a place to create community, to connect, collaborate and have fun.”

“Everyone here is a creator, an adventurer ready to create something new. Together, we’ll take the connections we make and write all-new stories, hand-in-hand with G-SHOCK. The excitement begins when we all come together!”

Registered Casio Users Get Ready For NFT Pre-distribution 

The pre-distribution phase which is scheduled to be held between September 23rd and 26th, is open to only Casio customers who have registered for a CASIO ID at the company’s membership site. Afterwards, a public distribution will happen on September 26th to 29th. It is worth noting that Casio has just applied for a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on August 22nd. 

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The potential trademark will suffice for virtual clothing and watches, NFT-backed media and stores for virtual goods.

Multiple Migrations Across Blockchains

Just when Casio is coming to Polygon, Y00ts NFT project is migrating from Polygon to Ethereum.

In effect, the project stated that it would return 100% of the grant provided by Polygon. Y00ts claims to nit only be taking a symbolic step towards community support but also setting an example for sustainable growth within the broader NFT space.

On the other hand, MakerDAO is planning to move its upcoming onchain project dubbed NewChain from Ethereum to the Solana blockchain. As the news was announced, Ethereum Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Vitalik Buterin sold off his remaining Maker (MKR) token.

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