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Binance legal representative, Ayodele Omotilewa, appeared in court, entering a not-guilty plea for the exchange of all four charges.

Morgan Creek Digital has introduced a fresh $500 million fund in its bid to revolutionize the evolving Web3.0 world

Zodia Markets, the crypto arm of British Standard Chartered, seeks to buy Elwood Capital, a firm known for its (OTC) crypto trading tools.

DigitalX has teamed with K2 Asset operation, the responsible organization and ETF issuer, to guarantee a successful launch.

As of the first half of 2024, the total volume of stolen crypto is at $1.4 billion, a considerable increase as CEXs became prime targets.

LiquiTrade, the operator of the Latoken crypto exchange, has been found guilty of running an illegal exchange in Canada.

Tangem, a top producer of secure hardware wallet solutions, has announced a strategic agreement with Visa to create a self-custodial payment system for hardware wallets. This collaboration seeks to launch a Visa payment card integrated with a hardware wallet, allowing Tangem customers to pay with their cryptocurrency or stablecoin balance at any merchant location that […]

Bitfinex has made arrangements to refund the investors that contributed to the development of the proposed Hilton Hotel project in El Salvador

The prosecution's argument hinges on the claim that the P2P trading service offered by Binance functioned as a money laundering platform.

The role of the family of Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) in the misappropriation of $100 million from FTX has just been uncovered by WSJ

Coinbase is fighting the US SEC in its Freedom of Information Act lawsuit as it proves its demands for Gensler's data is justified

UniSat Wallet has announced it has closed a new funding round to expand its business with support from Binance

Riot Platforms capitalized on power credits, earning $6.2 million in June as a part of the company’s strategy to optimize its operations.

Indian crypto exchange CoinDCX has acquired BitOasis as it doubles down on its move to expand its business globally

Circle has chosen France as its European headquarters, highlighting the country’s progressive stance on digital asset regulation.

Tether has partnered with Uquid, a Web3 startup, to enable SSS donation payments via USDT on The Open Network blockchain.

The amount of crypto ATMs installed globally has increased significantly over the last year, rising 17.8% to 38,279 in total.

As per the new IRS guidelines, decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and self-custody wallets would be excluded from the new reporting requirements.

Sygnum Bank offers a variety of its own crypto-related exchange-traded products..

Bitfarms' lead director Brian Howlett announced that Bitfarms has adopted a..

HSBC clarified that it would continue to accept payments from crypto..

July 25, 2024

Roma secures Virtual Assets Service Provider License from Dubai VARA

Render Whales Eye Raboo's Presale: Surpassing $2M Outperforming SHIB In Meme..

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