Cboe Expands Crypto Offerings With Margined Bitcoin and Ether Futures Contracts


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Cboe Global Markets, a leading financial institution has announced that it has secured a license to offer margined Bitcoin and Ether futures contracts to its crypto clients.

This development is particularly significant as it bridges the gap between the rapidly growing crypto market and traditional financial institutions. Thus, catering to the evolving needs of investors seeking exposure to digital assets. Notably, the news comes shortly after the Bitcoin Futures Index was approved in Argentina.

Expansion of Crypto Derivatives Offerings

According to reports, Cboe Digital, a subsidiary of Cboe Global Markets, recently received a license from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to launch physically and financially settled margin contracts beginning in the second half of the year.

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By offering both types of contracts, Cboe Digital aims to cater to different investor preferences and trading strategies, further enhancing the flexibility and accessibility of crypto derivatives. Interestingly, this reflects the market’s growing interest and demand for regulated crypto derivatives. 

Importance of Physical Settlement

While commenting on the update, Cboe Digital President John Palmer highlights the significance of physical settlement. Palmer stated that it opens doors for traditional financial firms to embrace crypto as investment assets.

By removing the custody barrier, these firms may smoothly trade Bitcoin or Ether futures, matching with developing market patterns and satisfying the growing demand for digital asset investment options.

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Enhanced Market Credibility

Global Markets’ entry into the margined futures contracts space for Bitcoin and Ether brings added credibility to the crypto market. This commitment to compliance and oversight provides investors with a sense of security and mitigates concerns related to market manipulation and fraudulent activities.

In the past, regulators have charged renowned exchanges over compliance and regulatory issues. For instance, in an earlier report, the CFTC charged Gemini crypto exchange for a Bitcoin Futures case dated 2017. 

Ultimately, by adhering to regulatory standards and offering a range of digital assets, Cboe Digital contributes to the maturation and mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies in the traditional financial landscape.

Cboe Digital stands out as a leading US-registered exchange providing a comprehensive suite of services for the trading of digital assets. Through its platform, investors can engage in spot trading, and derivatives trading, and benefit from the operational support of a clearinghouse.

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