CEX.IO Savings is a rare find that could boost your crypto rewards

Once users decide to dive a bit deeper, they will discover that saving crypto with CEX.IO Savings could be more efficient.
Once users decide to dive a bit deeper, they will discover that saving crypto with CEX.IO Savings could be more efficient.

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“Buy and HODL” is considered one of the most popular strategies in the crypto market, which has stood the test of time. But crypto services are not standing still, and are instead constantly evolving to offer new ways to benefit from digital assets. Crypto savings is one such industry development that empowers users to earn rewards, and put their crypto to work. So now it’s possible to add one more piece to the convention, and enjoy the “Buy, HODL, and Earn” strategy.

Essentially, users just need to move funds to a dedicated wallet to earn relevant savings rewards. In most cases, they are distributed daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the service you use.

A flexible savings plan is typically viewed as the most convenient approach because users may move funds whenever they want. In addition, earning rewards in this way doesn’t interfere with daily crypto interaction.

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When it comes to flexible savings, there is one service that can be considered one of the most transparent and cost-efficient — CEX.IO Savings. Below, we explore what differentiates this service from others, and why it could be a hidden gem for both beginners and experienced users.

What is CEX.IO Savings?

CEX.IO Savings is a service that empowers users to generate daily crypto rewards, just by moving funds to a dedicated sub-account. It is powered by CEX.IO, an ecosystem of crypto services with a nine-year-old history in the market. It offers its services in over 99% of countries, meaning that CEX.IO Savings is available for the vast majority of crypto enthusiasts.

The adoption of the flexible approach empowers CEX.IO Savings users to move funds in and out of a dedicated sub-account at any time. This allows customers to maintain high mobility of funds and accumulate more crypto, regardless of market conditions.

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CEX.IO Savings compared to other, similar services

Flexible savings are not exclusively available via CEX.IO Savings. Many other platforms offer this feature as well. But unlike CEX.IO’s service, other crypto companies created sophisticated systems that determine crypto rewards, and their distribution. This enabled some platforms to promote high potential reward rates, while hiding certain mechanics under the hood, which may not be beneficial for users.

In contrast, CEX.IO Savings doesn’t adopt such controversial practices. As a result, its users enjoy:

  • No floating rates —  CEX.IO Savings features a single and stable reward percentage for each supported cryptocurrency, with no constant reassessment.
  • No tiers — On CEX.IO Savings, every user earns the maximum available rate regardless of how many funds they allocate.
  • No extra layers — Just move funds and earn. Users can obtain competitive rewards without the need to buy third-party tokens, which are different from the underlying asset.
  • No minimum or maximum thresholds — CEX.IO Savings users can allocate any amount of funds to start earning savings rewards.

This suite of features makes CEX.IO Savings quite friendly to the crypto curious, who may have recently started exploring savings services. In turn, equal reward rates could be beneficial for crypto serious users, who typically encounter lower savings rewards after allocating $1,000 worth of crypto, or more.

Assets supported on CEX.IO Savings

At the moment of this writing, CEX.IO Savings supports six assets with the following annual reward rate:

  • Bitcoin (BTC) — 0.5%.
  • Ethereum (ETH) — 1%.
  • Tether (USDT) — 3%,
  • USD Coin (USDC) — 3%.
  • Dai (DAI) — 3%.
  • TrueUSD (TUSD) — 3%.

At first glance, the reward rate may not seem high compared to other platforms. But it’s noteworthy that rewards are equal for all CEX.IO Savings users. This approach eliminates the common practice where only users with small token allocations receive the highest rewards. As a result, the more funds you allocate to CEX.IO Savings, the larger the benefit could be.

When it comes to rewards consistency, CEX.IO Savings is top-tier. This is an established and time-tested service with no reported issues regarding savings reward distribution.

Although the current array of supported assets may be limited, the platform is constantly working to expand the list of available cryptocurrencies. In addition, on CEX.IO Savings, flexible reward rates for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and stablecoins are some of the highest in the industry, considering the absence of the tier system.


While other platforms may try to impress potential users with big numbers, CEX.IO Savings is laser-focused on providing consistency in reward distribution and transparent service. Once users decide to dive a bit deeper, they will discover that saving crypto with CEX.IO Savings could be more efficient.

When there is no tier system and hidden mechanics, it prevents the impression that the platform wants to trick or lurk you. Instead, CEX.IO simply offers a reliable service. That’s why it’s the choice of people who did their research in advance.

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