China’s New Blockchain Center to Train 500K Specialists


As per the recent reports, China announced the official establishment of the National Blockchain Technology Innovation Centre on May 10 in its capital city. 

Advancement of Blockchain in China

To advance blockchain technology in China, the center will work with local institutions, think tanks, and blockchain enterprises. According to reports, the university would teach over 500,000 professionals in distributed ledger technology (DLT). 

The goal of the center is to integrate all of the nation’s blockchain usage scenarios, or “blockchain islands,” into a single, cohesive network, according to Zheng Zhiming, a professor at Beihang University’s School of Mathematics and Systems Science. 

He states: 

“Connecting blockchain application platforms and aggregating blockchain application ecology will significantly enhance blockchain innovation capabilities and core competitiveness.”

Beijing Academy to Lead the Initiative

The new center will be led by the Beijing Academy of Blockchain and Edge Computing, which created the ChainMaker blockchain, a locally produced blockchain that will serve as the model for the center’s initiatives. 

ChainMaker already has the backing of 50 commercial firms, the majority of which are owned by the government including household brands such as China Construction Bank and China Unicom. According to local media, the center will hasten the development of “ultra-large-scale” blockchain processing power clusters.

Blockchain in Everyday Life

Notably, the National Blockchain Technology Innovation Centre was authorized back in February for its launch in Beijing.

China’s Ministry of Science and Technology took the decision to authorize this blockchain development. A range of technological studies for industrial use have been scheduled to take place in these research groups. 

The effort to integrate blockchain into everyday life is an indication of the government’s dedication and readiness to be connected to the underlying blockchain technology, which is significant for a nation like China that once outlawed cryptocurrencies and imprisoned people who were found to be trading. 

It is worth noting that China has been working on blockchain since 2021 and has even suggested the development of a national blockchain standard.

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