CloudChat (CC) Initial listing at Hoo, Total of 5,000 USDT Airdrop

CloudChat has received up to $3 million in funding from investment institutions
CloudChat has received up to $3 million in funding from investment institutions

Hoo will initially list CloudChat Token (CC) and open CC/USDT trading pairs at 21:00 (UTC+8) on June 07, 2022.

Additionally, Hoo will simultaneously open CloudChat Token (CC) airdrop pool in HooPool. Users can stake CC for 7 days to get USDT rewards. The total reward is 5,000 USDT. It is worth noting that users who hold certain HOO will be able to increase the corresponding staking output rate.

CloudChat Token is a crypto social platform and digital pass circulation ecology based on blockchain technology, aiming to provide the underlying protocol support for anonymous mapping communication network and cross-regional anonymous chat through the application of blockchain technology and the introduction of Web3.0 protocol.

According to the official introduction of CloudChat, CC Token is a completely autonomous community-led project. CC Token will create a more efficient and convenient payment method for consumers. Ordinary consumers can use CC Token for shopping, including online shopping and offline store shopping. It is also a basic means of cross-border payment. To bring more benefits, when CC Token cooperates with mainstream global platforms, consumers can enjoy greater convenience by purchasing a full range of global merchandise purchases through CC Token.

Currently, CloudChat has launched the CloudChat Token wallet, which has unique features in chat and wallet collaboration. Not only can users easily and securely send and receive digital assets, create and manage wallets, the system also supports the import of multiple types of wallets, and even supports easy transfer of digital assets, making the flow of funds flexible and convenient. At the same time, CloudChat has a function similar to Instagram, users can share their life in CloudChat friends circle, and bloggers can share their information with users at any time.

In addition, CloudChat also provides RCS (Rich Communication Service) and Streaming service. Using RCS can build a powerful messaging application, similar to WhatsApp, and they are interoperable. When it comes to streaming and live service, CC Token has built a Streaming service. User videos can be distributed to users via CDN, which can greatly reduce broadband consumption for developers. In addition, CC Token platform provides PSTN phone service, which allows users to call their cell phones through the Internet. This CC Token VoIP service will provide lower price and better sound quality.

CloudChat has received up to $3 million in funding from investment institutions including Com2000 capital, SuperAngelsVenture, Edi.Colleg, etc. It will also make further cooperation with Binance, MexC, Bybit, ALPEX, etc.