College student robbed off $93K worth Bitcoin in London


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Cryptocurrency-related crimes have been on the rise due to a lack of proper knowledge and regulations as well. A recent report revealed that a college student for robbed on knifepoint from his dorm room. This type of crime will strike fear in the heart of every student who is investing in cryptocurrencies.

With the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies, more and more college students are getting into crypto investment. The primary concern of any student is to gain financial freedom to support their family and education. But, this college student was robbed of his entire crypto investment and his school grant money.

The college student supposedly told his friends about his investment

In a conversation with his mother, it was revealed that the college student engaged in a debate with his friend on finances and cryptocurrencies. After that, this friend of the student called over more friends of his from East London who entered the student’s dorm room.

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Soon, around 8 more people entered the room, and this was when the student smelled the trouble he was in. Thereafter, these robbers asked the boy his crypto account credentials and emptied his account, all on knifepoint.

The entire bunch of thieves stole the £6,000 the college student had invested plus his student grant of £3,000. The investment would now be worth £68K ($93K).

The incident traumatized the student

After the incident, the college student called upon the guards, who didn’t bother to act, while the police said they had other important work to do. The student never got back the amount he had invested while the officials dropped the case about 8 months later.

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As a result, the college student was traumatized to such an extent that he moved back home with his mother. His mother said,

The police commonly call Freshers’ Week ‘fishing week’ because all the criminals come down. They know the students have got grants, laptops, and new stuff. Attacks, assaults, and muggings are quite common.”

It is best to keep your crypto credentials to yourself and don’t share your personal investment details with anyone.

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