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chart by @sane
chart by @sane

Article by @Chrom

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Here enters…Congruent

Congruent will develop a solution that fulfills the goal of becoming a decentralised, reserve currency on Ethereum blockchain, to a considerably greater extent. Congruent employs the positive and meaningful aspects of Olympus while improving upon its monetary policy.

Congruent is creating an enhanced concept of a decentralized reserve currency that is sustainable, appealing, and not heavily susceptible to market conditions. A reserve currency built on stability, trust, legitimacy, and longevity. A reserve currency where one does not need to worry about the prevailing market conditions and constant inflow of new buyers. A true reserve currency.

The main goal is to become a symbol of power in Defi, governed by a truly decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO). Their ultimate vision, on the other hand, is to become the reserve currency of Metaverse itself!

What does this mean?

Using the BONDING/POL model to accumulate significant holdings of CRV and CVX and, thereby, increase its gauge voting weight. Getting involved with more GameFI and NFT projects, forming key partnerships with the GaaS governance token, while offering their users and investors attractive yield farms with the implementation of a cross-chain system across multiple networks.

Congruent introduces the GaaS (Governance-As-A-Service) token with the primary focus on driving future growth and improving the scheme of reward, staking and governance. As a result, users will have a better experience throughout the ecosystem. The staking pool will ensure safety and liquidity, while the reward program will help to drive growth and adopt more traders and liquidity providers. The shared control will allow participants, including partners, traders and liquidity providers, to work together and control the enhanced protocol.

Holders of GaaS token will be able to also stake, receive bribe rewards and earn money by yield farming that offers even more rewards. Nevertheless, their sole and primary purpose is power distribution to its users and the ability to participate in the DAO.

chart by @DTMikeD
chart by @DTMikeD

Congruent arrives, with a $20m treasury acquiring CVX tokens and enters this war. Users using the governance token GaaS (Governance-as-a-Service), will have voting power on every proposal. Users earning APY from a sustainable pool of 3,3 or by buying bonds, will receive GaaS over a vesting period, with a set and monitored ROI to avoid inflation.

Users will also be able to wrap their sGaaS into wsGaaS to be able to vote, participate in bribes, earn bribe rewards and essentially increase those rewards over time!

Curve Wars, well, it isn’t necessary to defeat all other rivals to come out ahead. The strategy must be to use one’s position within this war to build alliances and to develop a suite of products that can build upon one another over time. This is the Congruent’s philosophy and approach when entering this war.


chart by @sane
chart by @sane

CongruentDAO must attract and maintain a swathe of coders, content creators, liquidity providers, and users to be successful. Bringing together this kind of diversity of skill sets will ultimately benefit everyone involved. The ConguentDAO community members will have a stake in the platform’s success with generated revenues staying in-house. After all, they believe the profits should go to those who contribute to the DAO’s growth, which is true.

Collaboration is key, the team hopes to see not only developers but also Defi protocols joining in to participate together.

A Governance for people, by people…

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