ConsenSys Says No Changes in MetaMask’s Operations and Service


ConsenSys, a blockchain software technology company, has addressed the online community that nothing has changed in the operation of MetaMask and Infura (two Web3 tools for connecting to the Ethereum network). 

The prominent cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask’s operator, ConsenSys asserted that only language has changed as a result of the wallet’s upgrade, with no effect on the data that the platform gathers from its users. The firm also hinted that the policy upgrade was not done in response to any regulatory inquiries.

Internet critics who complained that the company had expanded the breadth of its data collection on individuals prompted the statement. A Twitter user @0xBiZzy also provided instructions to its Twitter followers on the process of changing their RPC address following claims that ConsenSys was collecting Internet Protocol (IP) and wallet addresses through MetaMask and Infura.

ConsenSys stated in a blog post that the update in its policy was necessary as more customers are investigating non-custodial ways to hold their crypto assets. Users, therefore, need to be informed about the functionality of MetaMask including highlighting its use of Infura as the default Remote Procedure Call (RPC) provider in MetaMask and users’ ability to use their own Ethereum node as an alternative to the default RPC provider.

The online community hasn’t been overly comforted by ConsenSys’ statement, though. Users’ comments suggested this. Users’ lack of trust could also be a result of the rapid collapse of the FTX exchange.

MetaMask Introduces New Services

MetaMask, an Ethereum-based Decentralized Finance (DeFi) wallet and browser extension recently launched a Beta Portfolio Dapp, a self-custodial wallet that allows its users access to view their portfolio assets across multiple accounts and networks in the new Dapp.

With Portfolio Dapp, users may add additional accounts like an offline wallet or hardware wallet utilizing the “watch any wallet” feature and give them names of their choice in addition to connecting their MetaMask wallet and multiple accounts.

Users can also receive a comprehensive glimpse of their digital art collection and other utility NFTs on Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon by switching to the “NFT” side of the Dapp.

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