Content Media Solution “FLICK” Set To Be Listed On ADAX

Until now, entertainment and media in general have suffered from monopoly on content production. Changing this narrative means that innovative solutions aimed at providing funds to boost talent production and a level playing ground is ensured in order to give a voice to the public in content creation.

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Flickto (FLICK), a Cardano-powered community media launchpad, is on a mission to eradicate archaic ways of content creation and funding. To ensure an actualization of this feat, crowdfunding is done so as to seek measures to empower content creators to produce fascinating productions in YouTube, next Box Office and Award-winning TV shows.

Flickto provides a platform for users to engage with content creators, get updates on projects and have more collaboration than ever before.

Flickto’s community (FLICK token holders) will provide direct funding to the most promising projects, receiving some of the proceeds from the most successful ones. The public has a right to influence the production of content — Flickto will make sure they’re also rewarded for it.

The Flickto project is backed by a registered company in England (Flickto Ltd). This, combined with the project’s public leadership gives accountability and trust between platform users, content creators, investors and the Flickto team.


FLICK is proud to announce the token listing on the ADAX CEX on the 12th of January, 2022.

The listing pairs will be FLICK-ADA and FLICK-USDT.

Please note that KYC is not required for trading.

The birthing of the new year “2022” brought forth good tidings for FLICK, with a successful 2 IDO rounds and an upcoming listing in Cardano focused CEX.

Flickto will fund content creators to produce new Films, TV and Internet Streaming shows that currently have no access to funding or finance. FLICK token holders will be eligible to receive a portion of the distribution profits if the media project is successful.

In the next 12 months, FLICK is planning to fund it’s first projects.



Total supply: 110 000 000


Starting price: 0.01 USD

Payment options: ADA, USDT

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