Cronos-based NFT Platform Minted Partners with

Minted, an online crowdsourcing marketplace has entered a partnership with crypto exchange giant

With Minted, blue-chip Ethereum-based Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) like the Moonbirds and Otherdeeds will now be listed on Cronos alongside other Cronos-based ones. Minted, plans to be multi-chain starting with Ethereum and Cronos. It will provide support for over 110 million NFTs from 2,800 projects.

Users earn a reward on their listed Ethereum-based NFTs in $MTD. This can then be staked for a period to earn a yield on it. Blue chip NFTs earn greater rewards.

Minted will now facilitate all secondary trades of Cronos-based NFTs originally sold on as parts of the agreement.

Cronos is a decentralized open source network developed by It supports both the Ethereum and cosmos ecosystem allowing users to transact and move digital assets at a relatively low cost. It’s compatible with both Ethereum and Cosmos-Based projects allowing for easy porting of Ethereum smart contracts and decentralized apps.

Other NFT marketplace on Cronos

Since coming online, the Cronos ecosystem has witnessed significant growth. Some of its prominent projects include Agora, Bay of Ebisu, Cosmonauts, Cropunks, and SupBirds amongst others.

Agora with over 1350 NFTs for sale is based on the Arbitrum network, where users can list, make offers, create, and start an auction of NFTs.

Bay of Ebisu is the first and largest marketplace on Cronos. It uses the Cronos native token CRO to trade with other NFT traders and consumers. It also serves as a launchpad for new NFT collections.

Crosea is an open NFT marketplace on Cronos. Users can virtually view any of their NFTs and list them for sale. The platform recently launched a new tool that empowers creators to onboard their work to the blockchain.

Cosmonauts is an extremely limited collection of 1000 unique tokens, it sold out just 2 hours after its launch in November 2021.

TofuNFT is an NFT marketplace focused on GameFi and collectibles and will be looking to take a run on OpenSea and Magic Eden amongst others in the Web3.0 world.