Crypto․com CEO accuses Coinmarketcap of decreasing Exchange ranking


As per a post by CEO Kris Marszalek on Twitter on December 25, he seems to have a problem with coinmarketcap’s exchange volume rankings. Marszalek claimed that the prominent crypto aggregation website arbitrarily decreased the exchange’s ranking.

Marszalek has expressed his dissatisfaction with the online portal coinmarketcap saying that exchange volumes are being misrepresented, and the trading platform’s rating was moved to 14th on the spur of the moment.

“Merry Christmas to the team of Coinmarketcap, who arbitrarily dropped our exchange position to 14th a week after my response to their badly phrased tweet,” Marszalek tweeted on Christmas Day. “We’re 2nd/3rd on Coingecko,” the exchange CEO continued, “so you guys know where to look for real and market unbiased statistics.”

Dissatisfaction with Coinmarketcap’s data

On Sunday,’s exchange of was ranked 16th, according to figures from However, as per Coingecko’s spot exchange stats, is currently ranked 2nd in terms of the trading volume. According to Coingecko statistics,’s 24-hour trade volume is $2.8 billion. Conversely, the data by coinmarketcap (CMC) shows that’s volume is $1.5 billion, dropping more than 15%.

A lot of people responded to Marszalek’s statements after he posted. CMC was having trouble verifying the BABYDOGE supply, according to the official Baby Doge team. Bobby Ong, the co-founder of Coingecko, expressed gratitude to Marszalek for his compliment. Ong replied, “Merry Christmas, Kris. Thank you for all of your support. Have a wonderful holiday season with your family.”

Others who commented on Marszalek’s post stated that it was clearly known that CMC was owned by the trading site Binance. “Binance is the owner of CMC… One user responded to the executive’s tweet with, “I’m not surprised.” Another user wrote, “[I] never used it since Binance acquired Coinmarketcap.” has been doing pretty well and has been trending recently in top spot on Google Play Store.

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