Crypto.Com Debuts AI User Assistant Amy: Details debuted a new generative AI user assistant,, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange, introduced its new generative AI user assistant, “Amy” on May 2. 

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Amy in Testing Stage

The new AI assistant for the crypto exchange is designed to educate customers about the business, covering real-time token pricing and initiatives, historical events, and more. In accordance with the statement, Amy is presently in the testing stage to “gather learnings” before future growth. 

By incorporating AI assistant Amy into its platform, enters the growing number of different cryptocurrency trading platforms and companies in the industry. Bullish on AI 

According to Abhi Bisarya, executive vice president of product at, the business is “bullish” on the use of AI in cryptocurrency. 

He went on by stating: 

“As with other businesses and sectors, we see incredible potential and opportunity in the convergence of AI with the crypto industry and our platform specifically.”

Amy to Pave Way for Future Upgrades

According to a spokeswoman, despite the “early days” of artificial intelligence (AI), there is the possibility of “massive positive implications” for various businesses if done ethically.

The representative stated that “this is particularly the case for crypto when it comes to helping educate users about the underlying technology and financial services more broadly.“ 

In terms of further upsides, the spokesman stated that the AI assistant Amy would provide a great deal of input, which is going to be “integrated into future upgrades.”

AI is a Threat to Humans?

As artificial intelligence (AI) is gradually going beyond the limits of digital innovation into businesses, the benefit that comes to the community as a whole from developing innovative solutions looks to be extremely bright. 

However, the end of the March saw Twitter CEO Elon Musk and other tech executives, including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, signing an open letter calling for a temporary halt to Artificial Intelligence (AI) development for at least 6 months. The step was taken in response to the threat to humans who may lose satisfying occupations to machines.

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