Crypto Has The Potential of Destabilizing Nations — Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton believes that cryptocurrencies could sabotage the U.S dollars
Hillary Clinton believes that cryptocurrencies could sabotage the U.S dollars

Former presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has shared quite the ‘unpopular’ opinion of hers, claiming that while cryptocurrencies are “very interesting and exotic,” they also hold the potential of sabotaging the U.S. Dollar.

Speaking at Bloomberg’s New Economy Forum, Hillary noted that despite its very interesting efforts, crypto can potentially threaten currencies in general, undermine the dollar’s role as reserve currencies, and even destabilize nations.

Hillary Clinton Shares President Biden’s Sentiments On Crypto

According to the former Presidential candidate, a lot of new activities are currently going on in the crypto markets, and these activities could be extremely damaging, especially if they make their way to the wrong hands. Going by her lastest remarks, then Clinton’s line of thought is definitely in sync with President Biden’s, whose actions prior to this moment, has always pointed to the fact that he doesn’t joke with the national security risks that cryptocurrencies comes with.

Somehow, her thoughts about crypto also resonates with the stance of former President Donald Trump, who spoke openly about Bitcoin looking like a scam as well as being the currrency that competes firmly against the dollar.

Concerns Over Cryptocurrencies Are Well In Order

Meanwhile, President Biden has been very vocal on this topic all through 2021 too, speaking and educating others about the national security risks that might stem from dealing in cryptocurrencies.

Earlier in the year, the U.S. Department of Justice DOJ, also announced its plans to raise ransomware threat to high alert or the same priority level as terrorism, following the recent wave of non-stop ransomware  attacks as seen with the Colonial Pipeline and JBS attacks.

President Biden also did his part in the summer by setting up a ransomware task force, with the main aim of tackling cyberattacks and tracing ransom payments that are made in crypto.

Meanwhile, these concerns over cryptocurrencies and national security are well justified, giving the overwhelming number of evidence that has shown how bad people can use the technology.