Crypto Influencer “BitBoy” Arrested During Dramatic Livestream

Crypto influencer, Ben Armstrong formerly known as “BitBoy” was arrested by local police during a dramatic livestream at the home of his former business associate, Carlos Diaz, who he alleges is in possession of his Lamborghini.

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The Livestream Drama Unfolds

On Monday, BitBoy posted on his X account that he was “going live soon from a very special location on YouTube.” His followers were intrigued, as such cryptic messages are not uncommon in the world of online influencers.

Less than an hour later, his livestream began with him standing outside Carlos Diaz’s residence. What followed was a tumultuous and intense attack during which Armstrong accused Diaz of wanting to harm him and even alleged connections to the Houston mafia.

“I’m not scared of you, Carlos,” Armstrong yelled, his emotions running high. The livestream, which was viewed by a large audience, soon attracted local police attention due to the escalating situation.

Local Law Enforcement Gets Involved

Approximately 19 minutes into the livestream, local police officers arrived at the scene. They confronted Armstrong, asking if he was carrying any weapons, to which he denied having any. The situation quickly escalated, and Armstrong was instructed to put down his phone.

The livestream abruptly went blank for the remaining 17 minutes, though audio captured some of the conversations between Armstrong and the police officers. Viewers were left in suspense, wondering what was transpiring during this tense standoff.

Following the livestream incident, it was revealed that Armstrong had been arrested by local authorities. According to a listing on the Gwinnett County, Georgia, Sheriff’s Office, Armstrong, under his legal name Benjamin Charles Armstrong, was booked on September 25 at 9:11 pm local time and remains in custody as of the time of writing.

Diaz confirmed earlier today that Armstrong had indeed turned up at his house, acknowledging the dramatic confrontation that had unfolded on Monday.

Hit Network Severs Ties With BitBoy Crypto

In late August, the crypto community was rocked by the news that Hit Network, the entity behind the popular “BitBoy Crypto” brand, had severed its ties with Armstrong, the public face of the brand. 

The decision to part ways with Armstrong was attributed to a combination of concerns related to substance abuse and alleged financial harm to employees. Since then, the situation has taken several dramatic turns, with lawsuits filed and retracted, and even a controversial appeal for financial support by Armstrong himself.

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