Crypto Influencer BitBoy Crypto Wants To Have A Chat With SBF


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BitBoy Crypto, a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency industry, is currently in the Bahamas, where he is attempting to contact Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of FTX and the exchange’s former CEO.

The influencer has been critical of SBF for the shocking collapse of FTX, which led to a meltdown in the cryptocurrency market. Considering the company’s failure, he also lambasted the famous faces that had supported FTX. 

In the most recent development, BitBoy has set up camp outside of SBF’s residence in the Bahamas in an effort to have a conversation with the FTX founder.

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In the meantime, there has been a great deal of discussion over the political donations made by SBF that totaled millions of dollars just a few days before the FTX catastrophe occurred. 

BitBoy Crypto states: 

“We just want answers. We answers from Sam. We want answers from his parents. It’s time to tell the story. We aren’t leaving until we get it.”

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Notably, It was previously reported that FTX’s ex-CEO, SBF, along with his parents and the firm’s senior executives, spent about $121 million on the purchase of at least 19 homes over the past two years. The report was made utilising Bahamas government property records as a reference.

BitBoy Crypto’s Growing Industry Presence

BitBoy recently focused on the Solana project, but now the FTX collapse is arguably more important. Following his accusations that Alameda Research was manipulating the Solana blockchain halts in order to launder money, this development has arisen. 

The influenter is adamant that they should have a conversation with SBF so that they can hear what SBF has to say regarding the current state of FTX. Meanwhile, Solana (SOL) continues to take the brunt of the fallout from the FTX crash, since the stock trades at a price that is fifty percent lower than it was three weeks ago. 

According to the market tracking platform CoinMarketCap, the current price of SOL is $14.14, representing a relatively unchanged position in comparison to the previous twenty-four hours.

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