Crypto is the Most Held Asset Among Women: Survey

Crypto is the second most popular asset class among women after cash, as per the most recent Retail Investor Beat report from eToro.

According to a new survey, women appear to be more open to investing in crypto than they are in traditional asset classes, which lag behind in attracting more female investors.

It demonstrates that cryptocurrency is the second most popular asset class among women, after cash. This information is from the most recent Retail Investor Beat report from eToro, which surveyed almost 10,000 global retail investors across 13 nations.

The survey’s findings show that women are becoming significantly more likely to hold cryptocurrency. The data shows that, in contrast to men, who had only 1% growth in ownership during the fourth quarter of 2022, female adoption of cryptocurrency took off, with their ownership rising from 29% in the third quarter of 2022 to 34% in the final quarter.

The eToro team interprets this as evidence that cryptocurrency is “succeeding where traditional financial markets have sometimes failed,” by attracting more female investors.

In the meantime, the overall share of worldwide investors who own cryptocurrency increased from 36% to 39% on a quarter-on-quarter basis, despite emerging as the asset class with the worst performance last year.

Retail cryptocurrency holders between the ages of 35 to 44 and 45 to 54 increased by 5% each, indicating that older investors are also acquiring cryptocurrency.

37% of those surveyed indicated they were taking advantage of the chance to earn large returns, while 34% said they believed in the power of blockchain and thought cryptocurrency was a transformative asset class.

Crypto Holders on a Rise

Notably, a recent Real Talk study released by BlockFi, a global provider of financial services for cryptocurrencies, reveals that women who have invested in cryptocurrencies are still retaining digital assets despite the current crypto winter.

It is also interesting to note that in May of last year, well-known billionaire investor Tim Draper speculated that women would be crucial to raising the price of the largest cryptocurrency by market cap (BTC) to $250,000.