Crypto Traders Track Massive Bitcoin Whale 8,124 BTC Transfer


Crypto traders are tracking a pair of huge Bitcoin whale movements. A total of 8,124 BTC worth $67.2 million have been transferred out of an institutional cold storage wallet owned by the crypto custody giant Xapo.

The first transaction sent 7,143 Bitcoin to an unknown wallet, while the second transfer moved 981 BTC to a separate and also unknown wallet.

Xapo is an institutional cold storage pioneer and is known for housing its customers’ BTC in top secret bunkers around the world.

The company was recently bought by Coinbase, which reportedly spent $55 million on the acquisition.

The big transfers from Xapo aren’t the only whale transactions traders are keeping an eye on.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest crypto movements in the last couple of days.

Of the seven transfers below, only one involved a trader moving 1,000 BTC from an unknown wallet to a crypto exchange, indicating they may be looking to sell.

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