Crypto volatility creates an opportunity for all investors

One of the market leaders, QubitHashes сompany, has united technical blockchain experts, top miners, and analysts
One of the market leaders, QubitHashes сompany, has united technical blockchain experts, top miners, and analysts

Volatility at first glance is a minus of cryptocurrencies. Indeed, due to sharp jumps, it is impossible to calmly invest in crypto and store capital in it. But is it really so? Perhaps exchange rate fluctuations can be used to advantage?

All you have to do is “simply” buy low and sell high. The key is to correctly estimate or, more precisely, to guess whether and how much the current market will go up or down. For example, for the most common bitcoin, price fluctuations of thousands of dollars a day were commonplace, now the pace of volatility has calmed down a bit. Those who believe in themselves may even try to use the so-called leverage effect on many stock exchanges and take out loans for their operations. But such trading is most reminiscent of gambling.

Why are experienced investors not afraid of volatility? Because it creates opportunities for earning, for the sake of this, investors to come to the field of cryptocurrencies:

– Opportunity to get high income in minimum time. That is, the stronger and faster the exchange rate changes, the more profit an investor or trader can receive. To do this, you only need to “catch” the change. Technical analysis tools help to predict the movement, as well as a competent investment strategy and risk management (for example, buy in equal parts every month/week, and sell part of the asset or all when a certain price mark is reached).

– Increase in liquidity. Fluctuations in the rate and earnings of investors increase people’s interest in crypto. More and more people are starting to invest in coins. Thus, the asset becomes more liquid.

– Growth in trading volumes. As investors increase, the volume of transactions carried out on the exchanges also increases. This, in turn, stimulates the development of the cryptocurrency industry. Developers see user interest in projects and issue new blockchains or tokens on existing platforms.

– Increasing the popularity of crypto assets. High earnings due to volatility, increased liquidity and trading volumes turn this financial instrument from new and exotic into quite popular and in demand. That is, all participants in the process will benefit from this.

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One of the market leaders, QubitHashes сompany, has united technical blockchain experts, top miners, and analysts with one goal – to popularize the crypto industry and bring cryptocurrency mining to a brand new level. The company is increasing competition in the internal market by raising the quality bar so high and attracting many new investors. This will enhance the capacity of produced equipment and the growth of cryptocurrencies.

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