Crypto YouTuber Tom Nash Named in FTX Lawsuit


Tom Nash, a crypto YouTuber, was served with a lawsuit via Twitter after a US judge permitted the action because the attorneys were unable to notify him through any other method.

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Crypto YouTuber Involved in FTX Implosion

A Florida district court judge authorized The Moskowitz Law Firm request to put a legal notice on crypto YouTuber on May 2.

In a class-action complaint, influencers are said to have played a “major role” in the FTX affair. Nash, a crypto YouTuber and the native of Sydney, is one of 10 defendants listed in the case. 

Promotion of FTX’s Services

It adds that the cryptocurrency exchange wouldn’t have reached this level without their support and “hype.” Some of these influencers have neglected to share their payments.

The petition detailed how Nash was going to be served through Twitter. The law firm was compelled to post a legal notice URL via its official Twitter account, referencing Nash’s Twitter account.

No Reply from Crypto YouTuber on Address

According to the petition, Nash’s regular use of the internet implies that it is an appropriate way of reaching him. The filing reads: 

“Nash has an established Internet-based business, utilizes electronic means, including Twitter, as reliable forms of contact; and has publicly acknowledged [a] personal email address.”

As per the petition, when prosecutors earlier emailed Nash at an address he had made available to the public, he didn’t reply, implying Nash was given the legal action and his “e-mail address is valid and operational.”

BitBoy Also Named in the Lawsuit

Furthermore, YouTuber and social media personality Ben Armstrong or BitBoy Crypto, who was named as well in the lawsuit, failed to make an appearance in court last month as instructed by a federal magistrate judge. In a tweet, he even insulted the federal judge’s authority.

Victims and regulators are going after a few celebrities fiercely. The Texas State Securities Board also investigated NFL quarterback Tom Brady and NBA point guard Stephen Curry for promoting the FTX exchange last year

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